WPP continues its reorganization at no load

WPP continues its reorganization at no load

The British giant merges its main Gray network and the digital brand AKQA.

WPP is accelerating maneuvers to meet the digitalization needs of advertisers. The world leader in advertising will merge its Gray and AKQA subsidiaries, which will now operate under the AKQA Group banner.

A sign of the times, the more than a century-old name of the Gray agency, if it is to survive at first, is scheduled to disappear in favor of that of AKQA. Founded in 1917, the famous Gray advertising sign, whose headquarters are located on 5e Avenue in New York, had its heyday in the 1950s and 1960s as the advertising agency of Procter & Gamble (Tide, Pampers, Head & Shoulders). It had been bought in 2005 for 1.3 billion dollars by WPP, then in full expansion in the United States. At the time, Gray was the world’s seventh largest communications group. Ten years ago it had 432 offices in 96 countries… Many have since closed, although Gray has remained one of the most powerful advertising brands in the world.

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