Withings puts SIM cards in its scales and blood pressure monitors

The French manufacturer is asserting itself in the healthcare market.

Withings is launching new connected objects dedicated to health: the Body Pro scale and the BPM Connect Pro blood pressure monitor. A scale and a blood pressure monitor that stand out from other connected products on the market, in particular because they are equipped with a SIM card. The French manufacturer has decided to integrate a connection usually reserved for mobile terminals, smartphones or tablets, in very sedentary equipment. It is not a question of bringing your connected scale on vacation with you (although….): The SIM card is there for “facilitate the connection of the scale and the blood pressure monitor», Explains Antoine Robillard, vice-president of Withings Health Solutions.

The main advantage of the integration of the SIM card is to connect the device to the mobile network, without having to perform any manipulation. It is much easier to set up than a device that must be connected to WiFi. No Wi-Fi key to enter, no pairing to be carried out … All you have to do is climb on the scale or take the voltage for the data to be sent to the practitioner.

Remote patient monitoring

This is the other particularity of these devices. Withings markets them in partnership with healthcare players, such as insurers. It is the latter who offer them to their customers. Those «health partners»Of Withings are responsible for associating the SIM card with the patient’s account. The French are already having some success in the United States, a country in which health costs are as high as they are poorly reimbursed. Also, the various organizations focus on risk prevention. Monitoring weight and blood pressure is one of the measures to be followed to prevent serious pathologies. “Americans focus on the management of chronic diseases, remote monitoring of patients, or the diagnosis of prediabetes, explains Antoine Robillard. Reimbursement codes have been implemented to encourage physicians to remotely track patient data“. This data is secured by Withings, which has HDS certification (hosting of health data).

In France, the group has started experimenting with these solutions, as part of a telemedicine program. The remote monitoring of patients is tested, in particular the anticipation of post-operation heart failure by monitoring the evolution of the weight of the people concerned.