Why Corsican companies last longer

The ECO SCAN – According to an INSEE study, companies created in Corsica have a much greater durability after three years of existence than in other regions of France. Explanations.

After the Cretan diet for longevity, the diet for the successful? According to the survey just released on Tuesday, companies created in Corsica are more sustainable than on the continent: according to the observations of the statistical institute, 75% of those created in 2010 are still active after three years of existence, while at the national level there is only 71% left.

In detail, Corsica, with its 900 businesses created in the first half of 2010 – excluding auto-entrepreneurs – has both a high rate of business creation per capita and better survival of these businesses. Far ahead of the two challengers that are the behemoths regions and. A surprising result because, contrary to the standard at the national level, this sustainability is supported by the better resistance of modest projects. But that’s not all: Corsican designers are also younger and less educated than on the continent, and they have on average invested less when setting up their business.

And then, decidedly, the young Corsican entrepreneurs accumulate the particularities because with an equivalent initial investment, they employ fewer employees than on the continent and achieve a lower turnover … A particularly salient characteristic in the sector of where to barely three out of five companies exceed 32,600 euros in annual turnover.

Men superior … to women

These are all parameters which, according to usual statistics, should not contribute to the success of projects. So how to explain these modest but reassuring results other than by the sweetness of life? First of all, by insularity. According to INSEE, the size of the island’s markets being limited, the Corsicans would prefer not to embark on full-scale development on national and international markets, but rather to limit risks by confining themselves to the local market they know well. And this, whatever the sectors.

But also maybe because the men are smarter there. This is what the study would allow us to suppose since, on the island, the survival rate of businesses created by men is 5.5 points higher than that of female creations. At the national level, the gap between the performance of men and women in this area is only 1.4 points… A hypothesis that will undoubtedly be supported by part of the population.