What is Twitch, this video service that everyone is talking about?

After François Hollande, Jean Castex will participate on Sunday in a program broadcast on this platform. How does Twitch work? What can we see there? Who is his audience? Le Figaro takes you on a guided tour.

Sunday night, . A first for the head of government, which illustrates the sudden enthusiasm for this video platform. The success of the is far from being foreign. Followed by tens of thousands of people, his interactive press review of almost two hours, Ouest-France or Le Télégramme, who have opened their own channels.

Are you lost in the face of this phenomenon? Le Figaro offers you an overview of Twitch: who are the users of the platform? How does it work? What do we find there? What does “sub” mean? Can we make money there? Guided tour.

How does Twitch work?

Established in 2011 and, Twitch is a live video streaming service. Like on YouTube, anyone can create their channel. Viewers watch the videos for free and can comment in real time in writing. A discussion chat is indeed attached to each live stream. The channel host sees the messages and can react to them. This interactivity is praised by the users of the platform.

The Kamet0 channel broadcasts part of Minecraft. On the right, his “viewers” can discuss in writing. Figaro screenshot

What can we see on Twitch?

It is obvious when going to Twitch: the platform is centered around the video game. Fortnite, Call of Duty, Among Us Where League of Legends are among the most streamed titles on the platform. Twitch allows any video game player to broadcast their games live and interact with their audience. His face appears as an overlay on the image, which allows him to see his reactions live.

The dressing of certain chains can be very elaborate, in order to give it a strong identity.

Streamers (here, Gautoz) can customize the skin of their channels Figaro screenshot

Another important category of Twitch is “Just Chatting,” or the discussions between the host and their viewers. There are also commentary programs around current events (generalist or pop culture), as well as conversations around intimate and personal subjects.

The service also seeks to attract a wider audience by creating categories “sport”, “crafts”, “well-being”, “travel”, “arts”, “cuisine” …

Who watches Twitch?

According to Médiamétrie, 5 million French people connect to Twitch at least once a month, and nearly a million go there every day. By comparison, 19 million French people go to YouTube every day, 16 million to Snapchat, 13 million to Instagram, 5 million to TikTok.

Twitch’s audience in France is overwhelmingly made up of young adults between the ages of 18 and 35. 11-18 year olds represent 28% of the public.

In 2017, Twitch revealed that 80% of its audience was made up of men. The platform is working to attract more women.

What is a big audience on Twitch?

On March 8, the interview with François Hollande by Internet users on the Samuel Étienne channel. The channel was number one in the world at 11 p.m. KST.

That might not seem like much compared to audiences for some YouTube videos, or even TV. But the live streams can be watched on demand. 48 hours after its broadcast, François Hollande’s intervention accumulated 700,000 unique views. Also, Twitch live viewers are very engaged and stay on the videos for a long time. Some even use the platform as a radio.

Does Twitch have its own stars?

Yes ! Some users of the platform, called “streamers”, are followed by millions of people.

In France, the stars of the platform are male. We can cite Gotaga (2.8 million people follow his channel), LeBouseuh (1.3 million), Doigby (1.3 million), ZeratoR (1 million), Sardoche (958,000), Domingo (995,000), Wankil Studio (846,000), Kamet0 (787,000), Mistermv (632,000), Antoine Daniel (592,000)… YouTuber Squeezie also brings together a strong community on Twitch with 2.6 million fans.

The first French streamer, Jeel, has 531,000 fans.

Can we make money on Twitch?

Twitch allows you to make money through different channels, but you have to be diligent (several broadcasts per week) and gather a minimum of subscribers to your account before you can monetize it.

  • Twitch videos may be interspersed with advertisements. The streamer receives a fraction of the money paid by the advertiser.
  • The streamer can work with brands and be paid for, for example, playing a specific video game.
  • The streamer can add a link to purchase the featured video game. He then receives 5% of the sale.
  • Viewers can donate money to their favorite streamer, either on an ad hoc basis or by purchasing a subscription for 4.99 euros per month. Twitch keeps a 30-50% commission.

How easy is it to make money on Twitch?

No. , 95% of videos on Twitch are watched by less than 5 people. A very large number of users “stream” in a vacuum, without any spectator.

It has become difficult to make your hole on the platform without prior notoriety. A number of channels that manage to generate at least a few hundred euros in income per month are hosted by video game personalities (e-sports players, specialist journalists, etc.) or from YouTube.

What is a “sub” or a “raid”?

Twitch uses a specific vocabulary, and very English speaking, which can lose newcomers. Here are the most common terms:

  • Streamer : the host of a Twitch channel
  • Viewer : the viewer of a Twitch channel
  • Sub : subscribe to a monthly subscription, of 4.99 euros per month and per channel that you want to support.
  • Bits : Twitch’s virtual currency, to be purchased for euros
  • Cheers : Paid emojis to buy for Bits and use in Twitch channel chats. From 50 to 70% of the amount paid goes to the steamer.
  • Raid : At the end of their broadcast, a streamer can automatically send their viewers to another Twitch channel. It’s a way to introduce your audience to a streamer they want to support.

How do I link my Amazon Prime account to Twitch?

Being a subscriber to Amazon Prime (5.99 euros per month) offers several advantages to activate on Twitch:

  • Download free PC video games every month.
  • Get free game loot for very popular games like GTA Online or League of Legends.
  • Support a Twitch channel of their choice by subscribing to it (the streamer then receives a little over three euros).

To activate these advantages, click on “Already a Prime member?” »And enter his Amazon Prime password.