# viedemère: a campaign for equality of mothers at work

The CGT executives (Ugict-CGT) is launching a campaign on Monday aimed at showing the “discrimination” suffered by mothers at work, on the occasion of the week of professional equality between women and men.

“It will be complicated to keep you …”: The CGT executives (Ugict-CGT) is launching a campaign on Monday to show the “discrimination” suffered by mothers at work, on the occasion of the week of gender equality in the workplace. Entitled “# viedemère, having a career is quite a story”, this campaign illustrated by posters and leaflets invites women, but also men, to share on social networks the little phrases heard on a daily basis and the situations experienced at work.

“Thanks to the increase in the level of qualification of women, management is becoming more feminine”, underlines the union. However, “the inequalities between women and men at work are stubborn (…). The ‘glass ceiling’ is in full play ”. Marie-José Kotlicki, general secretary, and Sophie Binet, deputy general secretary, see in the origin of these “discriminations” maternity, “real and supposed”: the “mother’s ceiling”.

“The exercise of professional responsibilities cannot be imagined outside the cult of presenteeism and household chores are still massively assumed by women, they are faced with an impossible mission and permanent guilt”, they write in the presentation in the countryside.

Interministerial plan

Believing that the laws dealing with gender equality present “insufficient results”, the union calls for “more stringent legal provisions”. He proposes to “better compensate parental leave” or to “establish authorizations for absence from the company for family reasons with full maintenance of salary”.

On the occasion of this awareness week (from October 3 to 9), the Minister of Women’s Rights Laurence Rossignol is due to present on Tuesday a “first interministerial plan for professional equality between women and men”. The ministry recalls that only 7.2% of men work part time and that female employment is concentrated in 12 professional families out of a total of 87.

Only one woman is the executive director of a CAC 40 company (Isabelle Kocher at Engie, editor’s note), men, and one in five women say they have been confronted with a situation of sexual harassment at work, the ministry still affirms on its site Internet.