Video streaming: the crisis has reinforced the enthusiasm of the French, who spend 15 euros per month

In spring 2020, 46% of French internet users had access to at least one legal offer in their home, against 36% in 2019.

Subscribers to video streaming platforms spend on average a little more than 15 euros per month, a stable budget in the face of an increase in offers or a variation in prices for fans of films and series, according to a report from the CSA and the Hadopi published Tuesday.

Since the arrival in France of Netflix in 2014, the consumption of these platforms has followed “an upward trend“, Accelerated by the confinements and curfews linked to the Covid-19 health crisis, remind the Superior Audiovisual Council (CSA) and the High Authority for the dissemination of works and the protection of rights on the internet (Hadopi) .

22 million French people have access to an offer

In spring 2020, 46% of French internet users had access to at least one legal offer within their home (against 36% in 2019), i.e. more than 22 million French people. The number of services available increased from 63 in 2017 to 78 in 2020, with the launch of Apple TV + in November 2019 and Disney + in April 2020. Another proof of their success, the turnover of SVOD platforms was multiplied by 10 since 2015 to reach 851 million euros in 2019, according to data from the National Cinema Center (CNC), and would exceed “1.2 billion euros in 2020».

In the end, the average monthly expenditure of subscribers to a SVOD service amounts to just over 15 euros, with an average of 1.7 SVOD or pay television subscriptions. According to various scenarios of multiplication of offers or variation of prices, subscribers to offers of cinema and series show themselves “not very sensitive“To such changes, with a share of subscribers and expenses varying”in small proportions».

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“Illegal practices vary little”

Proof that the consumer of fiction “s’adapte” from “so as to keep constant»Its budget, in particular thanks to the possibility of unsubscribing easily and the sharing of accounts. “This last phenomenon will deserve a proper study, to distinguish between authorized and tolerated practices and those which must be contained.“, Underlined during a videoconference Monique Zerbib, the interim president of Hadopi. Likewise, “illicit practices vary little according to the number of offers“, Reflection of a”growing satisfaction with legal offers, According to the report.

Conversely, the impact is stronger among subscribers to sports offers, with rising prices leading, for example, to a decrease in the number of subscribers but an increase in spending, the most passionate spectators being ready to put the price to follow the competitions. “The conquest of the market will be done in the number of subscribers more than in the number of subscriptions per subscriber“, Predicted Hervé Godechot, member of the college of the CSA.

The president of the CSA, Roch-Olivier Maistre, took advantage of this joint study to recall the “relevance of the merger between the CSA and Hadopi“Within a new regulatory authority, Arcom, which must appear in a new audiovisual law expected”in the Council of Ministers in April” and “may be” to “Parliament in May».