Valls calls for opening the trail of universal basic income

In a column published on Facebook, the Prime Minister castigates those who treat “more than 8 million of our compatriots assisted.”

The government is ready to start the universal basic income, a social benefit that would replace all the existing social minima. In one, calls for opening “new avenues”, after the simplification of social minima announced Monday. “The, that is to say a single allowance to replace the ten existing social minima, is one”, explains the Prime Minister. This basic income would be open to everyone and paid “from the age of 18,” he says.

This is not the first time that Manuel Valls evokes this idea, which is gaining ground among politicians and economists. The measure is, which the government is conservative in leanings. According to its amount and its conditions of attribution, the universal basic income is indeed claimed by the right of the political spectrum as by its left – in France, the idea is thus carried by the socialist Benoît Hamon… or by the Republican Frédéric Lefebvre. Manuel Valls, for his part, spoke of the reform again last week, during a speech in tribute to the father of the RMI.

“Use common sense”

This time, however, the government is making more concrete commitments. “The government will engage in a dialogue with all the actors to build a flexible response, simpler and therefore more effective, which takes into account individual situations. I believe that this debate must be opened. For further! To strengthen our social model! ”He explains. This complex and extensive reform could not, however, be completed as early as next year. In May, during an exchange with young people in the city of Evry, Manuel Valls warned that universal income could take “five, ten or fifteen years” to emerge. For the moment, it is above all a measure to be promoted within the framework of a future program …

Manuel Valls’ platform also takes on electoral accents when he criticizes an opposition which “deals with ‘assisted’ more than 8 million of our compatriots”. had proposed at the end of August that young people without employment or training be subjected to compulsory military service where they will learn “to get up early.” “I do not accept that we point the finger at the weakest, because it is doing insult to women, men, children for whom life is hard, defends Manuel Valls. It is also insulting our Republic, by cutting it off from an essential value: solidarity ”.

The simplification of social minima announced Monday by Manuel Valls will come into force more quickly. Social benefits will not be merged but the procedures for asserting rights will be simplified. “Using common sense is also the objective of the reform of social minima”, explained Manuel Valls. One of the main measures of the effective reform in 2017 will be to improve communication between the different administrations so that citizens do not have to provide the same documents several times. The RSA calculation method will also be modified, so that its amount does not change every month as is currently the case.