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UFC-Que Choisir pins the rates of funeral directors

The consumer association, which has compared hundreds of companies, denounces high and variable prices, as well as certain opaque practices.

Funeral directors, a very lucrative market? This is what the French Consumers’ Union (UFC) denounces – What to choose, before All Saints’ Day. , conducted from March 23 to April 6, the association combed through 664 companies from 72 departments. And pinned 470.

The assessment is indeed without appeal: on average, the total price of the funeral for a burial, excluding vault and concession, amounts today to 3,815 euros. This is 14% more than five years ago, when the amount reached 3,350 euros, increase of more than 3.5 times higher than inflation over the period“says the study. Some burials would even exceed 7,500 euros.

, bereaved families still have to put their hands in their wallets, especially since their prices can vary by a factor of ten. A coffin (also called coffining), a mandatory step before burial or cremation according to the General Code of Local Authorities, can cost between 30 euros and 450 euros. The opening of the cellar can be invoiced from 95 euros to 880 euros depending on the company.

Cremation, an expensive practice

Far from constituting amore economical solutionon the contrary, turns out to be quite expensive. It takes almost 4,000 euros (3,986 euros) on average for this type of funeral, an amount 10% higher than five years ago (3,609 euros). And here too, prices can vary widely, from 1,362 euros to more than 7,900 euros. Blame it on the cost of the crematorium, which alone costs 693 euros on average, or 16% more than in 2014, and up to 1,185 euros in some cases.

How then to apprehend the gluttony of funeral directors? If the prospect of a quotewritten, clear and detailed“, can reassure more than one, in the eyes of the study, it is often more of a utopia. 22% of requests would not have succeeded. “And when an estimate is submitted, in 65% of cases it does not conform to the mandatory standard estimate, nearly 10 years after its introduction!“, annoys UFC-Que Choisir.

While this is a sector where consumers are not always in the psychological disposition to compare prices, it is particularly regrettable that the behavior of professionals does not in any way encourage comparisons“, Continues the consumer association.

Faced with this opaque and questionable situation, UFC-Que Choisir calls on the 470 funeral companies pinned down by its investigation to “comply with current regulations.This must pass, she specifies, by , a harmonization of services and ranges, but also the establishment of financial penalties in the event of non-compliance with the regulations.

This is not the first time that the funeral market has been singled out for its prices. Two years ago, for example, regarding the opacity and the significant price variations charged by these companies.

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