Ticketed Spaces sera testé aux Etats-Unis dans les semaines à venir

Twitter will launch voice channels with paid access

This feature is going to be tested in the United States. The social network will take a 20% commission on virtual ticket sales.

Ticketed Spaces will be tested in the United States in the coming weeks

Twitter responded to Clubhouse by launching its own voice chat room service, Spaces. Since the beginning of May, all users of the social network with more than 800 subscribers can organize live oral conversations, a kind of round tables that can be listened to by anyone.

If the “Spaces” are free today, their organizers will soon be able to require a paid entry ticket. Twitter unveiled this feature on Friday, the purpose of which is to allow influential users to earn money. will be tested in the United States in the coming weeks.

ClubHouse in decline

To organize Paid Spaces, several eligibility criteria must be met. First, having organized at least three voice fairs in the last thirty; have at least 1000 followers on their Twitter account; and be over 18 years old. The organizer must also open an account with the Stripe payment solution, which will manage the money transfer.

But the “twittos” will not keep all the receipts from the entrance tickets for themselves. Twitter will retain 20% of the sum, which will previously be reduced by the 30% commission charged by Apple and Google on smartphone transactions. Thus, on a ticket purchased for 10 euros by a listener, the conference organizer will receive 5.70 euros.

Twitter is ramping up on voice channels as Clubhouse seeks to revive itself by releasing a long-awaited Android app. Downloads of the previously iPhone-exclusive audio service are plummeting after peaking in March. Accessible only by invitation, Clubhouse is struggling to appeal beyond an elitist circle of employees in the world of digital, marketing and communication.

Race for fan monetization

Clubhouse had announced that it was working on monetization options to allow the best voice show organizers to earn money. With Ticketed Spaces, Twitter is overtaking it.

Social networks are engaged in a race to allow creators and influencers to find new sources of income, beyond advertising partnerships. The common feature of these initiatives is to monetize the fans of these content creators, for example by encouraging them to send money to their idols. , and which could be translated as “Tips”, “Piggy bank” or “Slot box”.

If the social networks claim to want to support the “economy of creators”, they also find their interest in it. These platforms take large commissions, which can climb up to 50%, on these money transfers between fans and their idols. Above all, they make sure to attract and retain talent, who will provide their services with audio, video, photo or written content that will not have cost them a penny.