Twitter founder puts his first tweet up for sale

The highest bid to buy Jack Dorsey’s first tweet was $ 2.5 million on Sunday.

Do you want to buy this tweet? Jack Dorsey boss auctioned off his first tweet in the form of a ‘non-fungible token’ this weekend (NFT- Non-fungible token), a unique cryptographic object registered in the blockchain. This is the very first official tweet in history, published on March 21, 2006 with the text: “ I create my Twttr account »

A few hours after the opening of the auction on the platform “Valuables by Cent», The offers quickly flew. The purchaser will receive a “digital certificate, Signed and digitally verified by Jack Dorsey, along with the metadata of the original tweet, signifying that he is the owner. But the post will remain accessible to the public on Twitter even after it is auctioned. On Sunday, the highest bid was $ 2.5 million, and came from Justin Sun, founder of blockchain platform TRON and boss of streaming platform BitTorrent. The end of the sale will be effective only when Jack Dorsey has accepted an offer as final.

The founders of “ Valuables», The platform for auctions of tweets, concede that the concept could leave some contemporaries perplexed. On the site’s question-and-answer page, they explain that “owning digital content can have sentimental value and create a relationship between collector and creator“. They compare buying a tweet to buying “autograph“. Some enthusiasts will appreciate the collector’s item aspect. Others speculate and count on a capital gain on resale.

In the case of digital art, buying NFTs may be a way to financially support artists. At the end of February, the house of Christie’s auctioned for the first time, a fully digital work sold using this technology.

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