The RSA revalued by nearly 11 euros per month

Fixed on September 1 and published in the Official Gazette on Friday, this 2% increase is part of the 2013 multi-year plan to fight poverty. Per year, it represents a gain of more than 110 euros for a single person and 227 euros. euros for a couple with two children.

For the fourth consecutive year, the active solidarity income (RSA),, has been revalued. . In accordance with the multi-year plan to fight against poverty of January 2013, the RSA-socle, born from the merger in 2008 of the Minimum Insertion Income (RMI) and the single parent allowance, is increased by 2%. The monthly RSA lump sum therefore goes from 524.66 to 535.17 euros.

Fixed on September 1, this increase will be effective in payments to beneficiaries at the beginning of October. It represents a gain of more than 110 euros per year for a single person and 227 euros per year for a couple with two children. Since 2013, the various revaluations made represent an increase of more than 425 euros per year for a single person and nearly 875 euros per year for a couple with two children. To benefit from the RSA, you must be over 25, or under 25, but have at least one dependent child, born or unborn, or have worked for two years in the last three years.

The discontent of the departments

If this boost is good news for low-income households, it is much less so for the departments, which are responsible for the RSA,. “I regret that the government, without any consultation, signs wooden checks, with the checkbook of the departments”, deplores Dominique Bussereau, president of the Assembly of the departments of France (ADF) and LR deputy of Charente-Maritime. According to the ADF, the charge of the RSA for the departments rose in six years from 600 million to 3.6 billion euros in 2015. At issue: the revaluation of the allowance and the surge in the unemployment rate which has contributed to a sharp increase in the number of beneficiaries. Forty departments would thus be unable to fully fund the RSA. The ADF called for significant state aid and even the renationalization of the allowance.

At the beginning of the week, the minister responsible for local authorities, Jean-Michel Baylet, announced that the fund intended to help the departments would be raised “around 200 million euros”. An amount deemed clearly insufficient by the ADF.