The number of category A job seekers drops 1.6% in October

This result is mainly explained by a switch between categories. November’s statistics are looking worse.

The number of unemployed fell in October so “significant“. This is announced this Wednesday, the statistics service of the Ministry of Labor. In France (excluding Mayotte), the number of category A job seekers (without activity) fell by 60,100 people last month, after -17,900 in September, to settle at 3,793,800 people. That is a decline of 1.6%. This decrease concerns all regions of France and all age groups. Among young people, in particular, the decline is -2.4% (-12,700 people).

This drop in category A is mainly explained by shifts from category A to categories B and C (reduced activity), however tempers the Dares. “Job seekers who therefore resume reduced activity, movements which are increasing compared to last month. This movement (from A to B and C) counterbalances the increase in direct entries in categories A», Summarizes the latter. Logically, categories B and C, which had fallen in September (-38,300), started to rise again in October (+19,300). Including these two categories (B and C), the number of job seekers shows a smaller decline of 0.7% (-40,800) to 6,004 million.

No effects yet for social plans

The curfew introduced in October had little effect on unemployment figures, assures Dares. “The administrative closures linked to the curfew only affected a few sectors (entertainment, clubs, bars, etc.) which may have limited the impact on job seekers. Especially since the partial activity plays a role of shock absorber in this kind of situation», She believes. Likewise, the various social plans announced had not yet produced their effects due to the time lag between the announcements and their implementation.

Statistics for the month of November should be more meaningful since they will take into account containment. Prism’emploi has already mentioned. However, temporary work is considered a leading indicator of the state of the labor market. Already, the Dares notes that despite the drop in the number of job seekers in October, the level of category A remains 10% higher than in February 2020, before the health crisis.

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