The “Les Jours” site reaches financial equilibrium

The “Les Jours” site reaches financial equilibrium

Four years after its launch, has reached financial equilibrium thanks to the recruitment of 2,000 new subscribers, bringing its total number of subscribers to 13,000, the news site said on Thursday. Among the 13,000 subscribers, 1,000 are large accounts (business type) and 1,000 are not tacitly renewable (gift card type), the rest are tacitly renewable individual accounts, management told AFP.

The site, which tells the news in episodes like television series, was weakened like many media by the health crisis and decided to launch a campaign to recruit subscribers in early October. “Supported by several strong journalistic series and media coverage, the campaign is a success, the beautiful story of 2020 in a ravaged media landscape: that of a media carried by its readers“, welcomes the site in a press release.

A site that lives only on its subscriptions

Before these 2,000 new readers, the site, which lives only on its subscriptions, was counting on annual revenue of 850,000 euros for 900,000 euros in expenses. The new subscribers will allow him to earn the 50,000 euros necessary for financial equilibrium. “But the balance is fragile: subscription media is like the rock of Sisyphus. We need to solidify ourselves, find the resources to make ourselves better known, develop ourselves, continue to be at the forefront of new uses, not settle for a museum press, clinging to 20th century models.“, highlighted “Days“.

Launched in paid version on May 9, 2016, the site is 74% owned by its nine founders, most of them journalists who left Liberation when the newspaper was bought by Patrick Drahi. The rest of the capital is shared between participatory investors (8%) and rich supporters such as Xavier Niel (5%) or Matthieu Pigasse, owners of the newspaper Le Mondes.