The French worried about the future of health insurance

84% of French people consider our health insurance system “good”, but 74% say they are worried about its sustainability, according to an Odoxa survey.

Three out of four French people say they are “worried” about the future of health insurance, which a large majority calls for “in-depth reform” as a matter of urgency. The study shows the attachment of the French to their health insurance system, deemed “good” by 84% of those questioned. The same proportion considers it “better than that of other countries”.

But they are almost as many to think it “in danger” (79%) and to fear for its “sustainability” (74%). While three of the four branches that make up the general scheme are at least in balance, that of health insurance has been desperately negative for twenty-five years. Its negative balance (2.6 billion euros) represents 125% (!) Of the deficit of the general scheme (against 85% in 2015). For nearly six in ten French people (58%), it is not “viable in the long term”. “It would be urgent to reform it in depth”, believe a large majority of respondents (69%). They reject, however: 58% oppose an increase in the coverage of health costs by mutual funds and 89% are opposed to reimbursing only drugs for the most serious illnesses.

Several other measures are, on the other hand, acclaimed by the French: “promote outpatient care to reduce hospitalization expenses” (82% approval), “develop the use of generic drugs” (77%), “encourage doctors to limit sick leave ”(72%). But the French do not believe the health insurance situation will improve. Almost all of those polled (91%) “fear having to pay more for their health in the future”.