The first “Marlboro Man” (but non-smoker) died at the age of 90

The first “Marlboro Man” (but non-smoker) died at the age of 90

Robert Norris was used for Marlboro’s first men’s advertising campaign in the 1950s.

Robert Norris has passed away at the age of 90.

He was the Marlboro icon. For fifteen years, Robert Norris has lent his features for the advertisements of the brand’s cigarette packs. Famous for his cowboy hat and his posture lighting a cigarette, he died on November 3, at the age of 90. Ironically, he never smoked.

Robert Norris was spotted near his ranch in 1955, where he was a breeder. Her image was then used to change the image of the Marlboro brand, born in 1924 and at the time perceived as an exclusively female brand. The world-famous advertising campaign, considered one of the best in history, helped make Marlboro the number one cigarette brand in the world.

For almost 15 years, Robert Norris therefore contributed to this change of image before retiring, to stop giving a bad example to his children. Her image has remained in the minds of many Americans, like her nickname: “Marlboro Man“.