The feminine site Madmoizelle acquired by the publisher of Numerama

The Humanoid media group (Numerama, Frandroid) aims to make Madmoizelle the Teen Vogue French.

Focused on the world of tech, the media group Humanoid, publisher of the Numerama and Frandroid sites, is tackling a new editorial sphere: the women’s press. He announced this Thursday the acquisition of a French pureplayer well known to young Internet users, Madmoizelle. “We wanted to diversify the group outside of tech by making acquisitions», Explains Ulrich Rozier, co-founder of Humanoid. This strategy was made possible by the Lille-based Re-sources fund.

Madmoizelle also has Lille roots. Founded in 2005 in the northern metropolis, this site with a dozen employees has created over the years a loyal community attached to its feminist line committed to 15-30 year olds. Its founder, Fabrice Florent, is leaving the company to make way for a new management. Marine Normand, content and communication manager at Gaité Lyrique and co-founder of the feminine site, becomes general manager of the site. The editorial direction goes to Mélanie Wanga, co-founder of the feminist newsletter and podcast Quelle de meuf, and the podcast on black pop culture.

Madmoizelle has 6 million visits per month, a figure that has been stable for three years. “This site has great potential and can double or even triple its audiences», Considers Ulrich Rozier. The ambition is to make Madmoizelle “the reference female web media in France for young women», Affirms Mélanie Wanga. “Madmoizelle has been at the forefront of feminist issues since the beginning of the 2010s. He must continue to be so, by being very inclusive.»

Priority to societal issues

The assumed model is that of the American (Condé Nast), who went from a light publication on beauty and romantic relationships to a magazine engaged in l’empowerment young girls of all origins. “This concept must be adapted to French culture. But the idea is to focus on societal topics», Continues Mélanie Wanga. The new management intends to be in tune with the aspirations of the younger generation, more politicized, and who no longer necessarily recognize themselves in women’s magazines and the beauty standards they broadcast. “Editorial quality and seriousness are no hindrance to audiences», Emphasizes Marie Turcan, editor-in-chief of Numerama. “Madmoizelle talks to women about real life», Adds Marine Normand.

Humanoid will build on the successful transformation of Numerama, which it acquired in 2015, to help Madmoizelle develop its audiences. But the group will also learn from the newcomer. “Madmoizelle is powerful on events with its karaoke evenings which bring together more than 1000 people, its stand-up evenings, masterclasses, cinema screenings… They know how to fill rooms», Underlines Marine Normand. However, the event has been put on hold with the health crisis.

The site has an e-commerce activity with the Madmoizelle box. “They also do podcasting, videos, and are present on social networks where Humanoid is absent, such as Snapchat.», Adds Marie Turcan. So much know-how that can benefit the other sites of the group. Humanoid also wants to rely on Madmoizelle’s strong community to design paid offers. “Why not start a club, which will offer additional services or content“, Says Marine Normand. However, there is no question of placing the articles on the site under a paywall.