The clinics want to turn the page on the “worst five-year term since 1945”

The Federation of Private Hospitalists draws up a very critical assessment of the four and a half years of François Hollande’s presidency and calls for the removal of measures deemed “punitive” for the private sector.

“A strange accident happened to us during Holland’s five-year term: we did not change ministers.” The tone is deliberately ironic but deep down, Lamine Gharbi, president of the Federation of Private Hospitalization (FHP) which brings together 1000 clinics in France, bout. It must be said that Marisol Touraine, like her predecessor Roselyne Bachelot, managed to alienate a large part of the doctors. “In four and a half years, we have only seen the minister five times,” he regrets.

“Never since 1945, private hospitalization in France had known such attacks”, loose Lamine Gharbi, referring to the five-year term Holland. The president of the FHP cites in turn as measures which he considers “vexatious” with regard to clinics, the reductions in prices, the creation of a “public hospital service” from which the private sector is excluded, the establishment in the coming years from a tax on the profits of clinics deemed “unreasonable”, the contours of which have yet to be defined, or finally the recovery of the competitiveness and employment tax credit (CICE) “on the pretext that non-profit private establishments profit did not benefit ”. “Added to this is the fact that clinics pay 600 million euros in taxes, fees and charges to which public hospitals are not subject. Result: ”, denounces Lamine Gharbi.

. And the next few months are not likely to reassure him. , the FHP fears that the clinics will again be called upon to control them. “We will have to finance the increase in the index point of civil servants (which serves as the basis for their remuneration, editor’s note) and the new medical agreement, explains Lamine Gharbi. Without counting the envelope promised by the minister to support the hospital groups of territories (investment plan of two billion euros over five years announced in April, editor’s note). Financially, we do not have the means ”.

“The software of the FHP has not changed a millimeter for ten years”

Frédéric Valletoux, President of the French Hospital Federation

And among the wishes that the FHP has expressed for 2017, appears in particular the creation of a “daily service rate”, which already exists for the public. This tariff takes the form of a flat rate intended to cover permanent care (personnel costs, analyzes, examinations, drugs, depreciation of equipment, etc.). It would be paid to clinics in difficulty.

Like the Fédération hospitalière de France (public hospitals), the FHP is also considering setting up a platform where it would list its proposals for the 2017 presidential election. It even plans to share it with the FHF. “The ‘war’ with the public is over. It was the minister who instrumentalised it, ”says Lamine Gharbi. Contacted by Le Figaro, the FHF gives him a scathing response. “For that, we would have had to work together before, loose Frédéric Valletoux, president of the FHF. This idea is not at all relevant. And if it were, this common platform would necessarily be fictitious. With less than eight months of the presidential election, the FHP wants to take the face of the one who shares the concerns of the public. Let the FHP first make its cultural revolution !. Its software has not changed by a millimeter for ten years in terms of permanent care, medical cooperation or public service missions ”.