We will not renew the Huaweie zazen, warn a number of French operators

French opertoi cannot be allowed to use zazen Huaweie after their expiration. The city councils informed them about it. According to sources familiar, the situation de facto means that the company was gradually excluded from the French 5G by 2028.

The French Cyber ​​Security Agency (ANSSI) said in an arrest in July that it would be possible to use the operating system for the 5G from Huawei and other companies for storage permits issued for three and eight years. At the same time, she called on operators who have not yet used the Huawei plant to avoid it (see France for more information on Huawei. But it will discourage cooperation with it).

According to a source from the Reuters agency, most of them have been allowed to enter into the Huawei validity period for three and five years, while most of the operations of European competitors Nokia and Ericsson have been granted permission for eight years. Sources also said that the opertorm has been unofficially announced that Huawei’s permission will not be renewed after it expires. According to one source, the purchase of these devices will be very risky, because the return on investment in new mobile technologies, such as 5G, in at least eight years.

The United States has long accused Huawei of technology and money for the Beijing government, which has excluded Huawei and Washington from building 5G and is trying to persuade its allies to do the same. This msc announced the destruction of using Huawei technology in the construction of the 5G and Great Britain.

The British government has banned the use of Huawei technology in the construction of 5G since last year. If the components of a Czech company are used, they must be removed by 2027 (for more, see Europe to replace Huawei as the USA. For the company, these are bad at first).

France’s approach is similar to the British approach, there is a difference in communication on the part of the government, said one of the sources. Huawei can’t do much with that, he added.

The Wall Street Journal reported this week, citing sources familiar with the situation, that it was considering retaliation against European telecommunications equipment manufacturers Nokia and Ericsson in the event that the European Union joins the United States and the United Kingdom, and will seize Huaweie technology in the United States. 5G. For this case, the Czech Ministry of Trade complies with export regulation, and Nokia and Ericsson would be prevented from exporting products abroad, which these companies produce in n.

The European Union has not yet drunk with the destruction of Huawei technology in its 5G, but last year it warned of the risk of back drilling (for more see Beware of the risks of 5G st. They may have a back drill, warns the European Union). At the end of this year, the European Commission only recommended to member countries that companies considered a security risk should not be allowed to build sensitive 5G sites. She left the decided bag on individual lands.

esko is preparing an auction of frequencies for st 5G, which could start this fall. Among the companies that could supply hardware and software for them is Huawei and the other company ZTE. In December 2018, their technology announced the National Cyber ​​and Information Security Agency (NKIB) as a security risk. At the end of May, Prime Minister Andrej Babi signed a declaration with US Secretary of State Mike Pompe, according to which the goal is to build a 5G st that protects against unauthorized access and secures citizens privately.