Two dry in the phone show smart een how not to lose the headphones

Xiaomi had a seemingly interesting tweak patented. While most of the manufacturers are removing the headphone jack from the smartphone, our company intended to do two dry ones. No bag due to the possibility of connecting ordinary headphones, but not for wireless storage. It just means steps.

Samsung inserts a wireless handset into its note, Xiaomi wants to insert a wireless handset into its phone. At least that’s what the Dutch portal LetsGoDigital claims, which drew the company’s attention to the company’s patent in June. At that time, however, it was not clear what the two entrances on the top of the telephone were for. Now Xiaomi is extremely clear: keep the headset handy at all times and at the same time eliminate the risk of losing them by making the docking station directly mobile.

This, of course, will carry the demands on the battery from the outside. Here you will find a question of how the company is washed out on the side of the phone. Manufacturers can also use large displays to achieve the most compact smartphones possible, so the hardware is often tight in them and the battery in combination with two headphones for storing headphones does not go hand in hand with these hands.

From the patent drawings it is obvious that one wall is when looking at whether the phone is situated behind the main photo set. This would probably mean the need for a sharply raised photomodule, while with ordinary smartphones these modules protrude above the back surface.

And then there are the headphones themselves. It is obvious that it is only a matter of weight that such a unit could ever break through. Although the earpiece contains a flexible joint that can be folded with the diaphragm into the right noise of their eyeballs, it would never seem to rub in this form in the ear.

Take away any rubber punt that would fix them in the ear canal. It is a question of how Xiaomi would solve this fact. In addition, headphones made this way would be really small. Otherwise, the phone would have to be really thick, far enough compared to the current production, so that wireless headphones of the usual dimensions could be stored in it.

The idea is certainly interesting, but in the form in which Xiaomi presents it through patents, especially unreliable. The development would force a minimum of rework of internal components, for which there would be a significant amount of space in such a concept than with ordinary smartphones. And then there’s the size difference from white wireless headphones. In addition, the Dutch portal draws attention to the page of hygiene, where the headset stored in this way would cause you uncertainties when you put the phone in your trouser pocket.