Trump boasts, I was the one behind Huawei’s end in Britain

After 31 December, the British mobile operator may not use the technology of the Huawei when installing the 5G network. The government of Boris Johnson forbade them to do so. US President Donald Trump was responsible for this step. The British health minister disagreed with his claim.

Johnson’s government has since banned the use of Huawei’s five-generation communications technology since the beginning of the year. The components used must be removed by 2027 (for more, see Europe to replace Huawei as the US. For the company, these are bad at first). The reason is doubts about the security of the company and so the US sanctions against N. Washington claim that Huawei technologies are a security threat because they are usable to spy.

We have persuaded many countries, many countries in most, not to use Huawei, because we think it poses a security risk. It’s a big security risk, Trump said at a press conference in Blm House.

In response to Trump’s statement, British Health Minister Matt Hancock said on Wednesday that many of Britain could take credit for the move, but the decision was made technically. We all know Donald Trump, eh? he added.

A spokesman for the foreign ministry, Chua Chunjing, told the newspaper on Wednesday that he had taken all measures to protect his property. It is not a question of retribution, but cooperation will benefit everyone. She added that Beijing strongly disagreed with London’s decision, calling it not a matter of national security, but a politicization of business and technology issues. Doubts about the ability of the United Kingdom to create an honest business environment were issued by the British Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Thus, the Czech National Council for Cyber ​​and Information Security considers the technologies of the German companies Huawei and ZTE, it is applying for frequencies for the 5G level, as a security risk. Prime Minister Andrej Babi and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have signed a declaration aimed at building a 5G st that protects against unauthorized access and secures privacy for citizens.