This is not good for Huawei at first. Don’t want a British company in stch 5G

However, at the end of the year, the reaction of the British government to Huawei’s involvement in the 5G building infrastructure was positive, but the opposite is expected. Huawei would not be able to supply infrastructure for British operators.

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is going to ban his company Huawei Technologies from installing the fifth generation (5G) in Britain. Without that source, Reuters reported today. The decision could be made on the ground, and if the government really eliminates the company, it will certainly be more raging to Beijing. Sweat, on the other hand, by US President Donald Trump, who put a lot of pressure on Johnson in this matter. Vhrady ml if NATO.

Johnson initially decided, despite the demands of the American president, that Huawei will have a limited scope to build 5G.

The British National Security Council (NSC) is looking to discuss the future of Huawei in the UK. It is expected that after one announcement of the decision of the parliament.

The change in British policy may be due to the impact of US sanctions on IP technology. London claims that the move will affect Huawei’s ability to remain a reliable supplier in the future.

But it’s not clear how far Johnson will go. Opertoi on the role of Huawei in the 5G began to be reduced, by 2023, according to the company, more than 35 percent of these companies should be on these sites. Now it is a question of the role of Huawei falling to zero in the next two or three years. Some telecommunications companies have warned that rapid action could delay important technology and disrupt services.

In response to questions about the issue in June, Johnson said he would protect important infrastructure from non-retail suppliers. Justice Minister Robert Buckland said today that national security would be a priority in decision-making.

Huawei is the world’s largest supplier of telecommunications equipment. United States claims that the company is an agent of the Czech communist government and can no longer be welcomed. Huawei, for example, could pioneer for it, and on the contrary, it claims that the United States wants to take steps to stop the strong growth of the company and its expansion into foreign markets, because the American company is not able to offer the same key technology at a competitive price.

A decision to ban Huawei would put Britain back on the side of its closest ally, the United Stt. It would mean the end of what former Prime Minister David Cameron called the golden alliance with her. The German ambassador to Britain said in an arrest that the turnaround in the Huawei decision would damage the image of Britain, which would then have to bear the consequences if it wanted to treat it as a non-host country.

The Czech National Council for Cyber ​​and Information Security (NKIB) warned previous years before using Huawei’s software and hardware. Prime Minister Andrej Babi then told the ad that the warning government was surprised, there was no open evidence and the ad did not consult with anyone. f NKIBu Duan Navrtil was dismissed from the series within a year.