They want to assert themselves and so try invisible cameras

The Czech company TCL, which recently ran under its seats, used the original Canadian BlackBerry logo, wants to gain a foothold in the market under its own logo. And so probably a house, in strong competition to attract. One of the ways is revealed by the recent patent of a smartphone with invisible cameras.

Should TCL be ashamed of the photos on your smartphone? Otzka, who, when looking at the end of August, approved the patent directly. It’s a matter of aesthetics. So for the usual waves, when you can drink with nm, what is not rooted in the mobile industry? It needs to be changed, however, that TCL will not be the de facto first producer in this respect.

And not only what the body scans when TCL sweat with its location under the display layer. This is what a number of other manufacturers are trying to do, and the domestic competitor ZTE is a pioneer (see more If you don’t see anything on the display, it’s all in the bottom). After that, TCL would not drink a new one with it.

The Dutch portal LetsGoDigital believes that, in addition to the front photo camera, the company also wants to hide the set of the main camera exhibited in front of the user’s eyes. Note that the drawings in the patent, which the traditional person pointed out, do not obscure the visible photographic image.

In particular, the path taken by the company would take the path in the event of an effort to make the rear photovoltaic invisible. Offer yourself the opportunity to be glazed. The images of the main camera could, as in the case of the elephant, be located under the seemingly opaque surface of the back. The presence of optics would then be revealed only by a hump in the upper part of the undisturbed back, which is otherwise evident from the drawing for a long time.

Not so much as something similar to the home of TCL’s competitor, the OnePlus features. At the beginning of the year, it introduced the Concept One prototype, in which it used non-traditional technology in the mobile industry, mainly used in the automotive and aerospace industries. The rear cameras are placed under a special glass, which can be opaque if necessary, and thus cut the optics. Instead, in the event of a fixed photo application, the user will only see a black glossy surface (for more, see Invented a smartphone with disappearing cameras. I can use it surprisingly).

Competitive OnePlus is in this respect, it would show the technology only behind closed doors and it is not clear when and whether it will get into any future production smartphone. If TCL really flirts with the invisible rear camera and would do it in a different, technologically simple way, it could take the lead.

We will remember that you would go to Xiaomi this year, claiming that the arrival of other cameras located below the display is due to the fineness (pixel density) of the display, which blocks light transmission, for a long time (for more see fixed cameras just won’t be, Xiaomi claims). And just seven months later, it’s different.