They poured him dead. In the hands of the smartphone connected to the charger

An unpleasant gossip was waiting for two Thais, who decided to find out for their friend and colleague in one person was not two days at work. They poured him dead. She killed him on a cell phone.

According to his friends, the two-day absence of Tinnakorn Rattanauppaphan in employment was not usual, so on the first of May, the birds decided to find out what the vz. They therefore went to Ratanauppaphan’s rented apartment in the northern Thai province of Nan.

According to the Daily Mail portal, he poured his friend under a window on a mattress with a telephone connected to a charger that was plugged into an extension cord next to it. They thought they were trying to wake him up. Jene didn’t respond to anything. That is why they called the police in the city, who confirmed what they must have found. Their colleague was dead.

According to the police, she died two days ago, which explained the young man’s absence from work. At the same time, his young colleagues also confirmed that Rattanauppaphan did not have any personal problems or worries. He never had problems with the days. Thanks to him, his great interest was playing online mobile games, to which he devoted a known amount of free time.

And at first it obviously became fatal to him. The investigator disproved the possibility of a violent death to go to the city, there was nothing to indicate that the cause was a foreign fault. However, on the swollen hands of the young man, they poured crushes in the cities, where he touched them with a smartphone and chargers.

We know he was electrocuted because he showed signs of being struck. The death penalty is in line with the testimony of friends and family, according to them it took a lot of time to play mobile games, said Lieutenant Samran Wongchaiya.

The police initially called Rattanauppaphanovusdrt an accident out of the city.

This is not an accident. Manufacturers warn in vain

This is far from the only such accident. For example, in July 2018, Nazrin Hassan, CEO of the Malaysian Cradle Fund, was found in the ward without any signs of life. The cause of his death was the explosion of one of the two charging mobile phones (for more see Charged mobile phone by the bed, it became fatal for him. He found himself trapped).

In March 2018, two from the entrance to the Indian village of Kheriakani drank for eighteen years. She connected her discharged phone to the charger so that she could make calls. The phone swept badly (see Discharged phone connected to the charger for a call. It cost her her life).

One of the last similar cases occurred last June in Kazakhstan. It was only thirteen years old that the ground died when a charging mobile phone exploded during the sleep near the head.

Many mobile manufacturers have repeatedly warned her two users not to use non-genuine products, especially batteries and chargers, including the cable. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority also drew attention to the danger of offers from last year and immediately banned their sale (for more information, do not use these offers. They can be fatal once, warns OI). Just a few months later, the number of forbidden charges on the Czech market rose to five models (for more see Beware of these dangerous mobile phone charges. They can even kill).