There will be no cheaper predecessor. Let’s probably pay for the iPhone 12 base

The price of a flat base iPhone was a bit of a surprise, the iPhone 11 was cheaper than its predecessor in the form of the XR model. This year, however, Apple probably will not go the same way. Recent speculation suggests that a basic iPhone 12 with only a 5.4 ″ display could be more than a few.

The basic model of the thirteen generation smartphone from Apple has at least two revolutionary changes. The first is the support of 5G, which, by the way, the android competition has it since the last quarter of the previous year (see more This is the first 5G smartphone. .

These innovations are likely to lead to increased production costs, which are likely to be reflected in the price of the expected new products. Even with the fact that the basic iPhone 12 will have only a 5.4 ″ display. According to Phonearenaneml, its price would fall below $ 749, ie 17.6 thousand crowns. Analyst Jeff Pu predicted the price. According to the portal, its prediction can be considered plausible for this year, despite the hitherto unknown exact specifications of individual iPhone models for this year.

Let’s add that Apple should present three iPhone models this year. In addition to changes to the basic version with a 5.4 ″ OLED display, there may also be a variant of the basic iPhone 12 with the Max command, which can be considered as the successor to the year-old unit with respect to the 6.1 ″ display. In addition to the two sizes of the basic model, the top version of the Pro version also comes in two standard sizes.

Therefore, if an iPhone with a 5.4 ″ OLED display should be more expensive than a series of models, then a comparable variant (6.1 ″ display) with the iPhone 11 would start at $ 799 (ie 18, 8 thousand crowns). However, it does not rule out that Apple could deploy a ride. In such a case, he speculates about a hundred 849 dollars, which is almost 20 thousand crowns. Compared to a comparable predecessor, this would mean a significant one-hundred-dollar bill (approximately 3.5 thousand crowns).

It is necessary to add that Pu’s prediction of the price of the basic iPhone 12 is significantly different from the two predictions of niche Jon Prosser. He said that the basic model of the expected generation may be cheaper than the iPhone 11, by $ 50. According to Prosser, the iPhone 12 with a 5.4 ″ display should cost only $ 649, ie less than 15.3 thousand crowns (see iPhone 12 m for cheaper. It will be very small and with 5G support).

In the case of the top models, ie the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, the price is then predicted according to MacRumors. Compared to their previous number of photo sets, these models will have a LiDAR sensor switched from the latest iPad Pro tablet model compared to those on the iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max. It can also be helpful when shooting portraits, where it is possible to evaluate the separation of the photographed object from the surroundings and the depth of field (for more see Spork with those plates. Leakage looks like the iPhone 12 Pro camera).


Those interested in this year’s news will have no choice but to accept the price increase compared to the old generation of iPhones. Apple’s move is unlikely to have a significant impact on demand. According to analyst Pua, it will be interesting to see how the users will react to the fact that they will receive a smartphone spike, but probably with a half-empty box.

It is said that Apple has lost the contents of the package and this year’s news did not include an offer (for more, see Apple is about to make a change, which does not require those interested in the new iPhones).