The very untraditional Xiaomi smartphone will only have one fok together

Xiaomi patented a very unusually equipped smartphone. While many manufacturers are equipping their models with a large number of photo kits, our manufacturer intended to display only one image. Thanks to the unique equipment, it will also be represented by a camera.

nsk Xiaomi um, what are you innovating, very pleasantly surprised lately. It started with the frameless Mi Mix model, at the end of last year a video with the concept of a flexible smartphone circulated around social networks, which can be bent on both sides (see Xiaomi’s Skldac smartphone for more. The sensan look), Mix Alpha with a display enclosing a large surface area. And Xiaomi apparently doesn’t.

According to the Dutch portal LetsGoDigital, it has been patented and put on an unusual smartphone. It goes a bit against current trends. Respectively known against them. It is an common rule that every new generation of a given smartphone will come with a quality photo set. And it either takes pictures with this resolution, or with more pictures taken, not the predecessor of the model. In this respect, the Xiaomi patent is considered to be in return.

The subject of the patent is a 5G smartphone with a single camera. At the time, even today, it is not uncommon for this number to be limited to the main camera. Only in the case of a German manufacturer is there a single sensor in the whole phone. It is therefore free of ordinary elma scan for a self-portrait. The patent therefore sweats with a single image, the Ai Super Camera with 108Mpix resolution and zoom.

Let’s remember that the first Xiaomi was the first manufacturer to use a 108Mpix sensor in a smartphone. These are the current Note 10 Pro models, which use HMX from Samsung. The second most megapixeled smartphone today is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra using an improved version of the HM1 ip (see more These are the same lenses with ultra resolution. The price difference is 19,000 K). However, Xiaomi was rumored to be equipped with an incredible 12x optical and one hundred and twenty digital zoom. Whether these features have the first patented smartphone is a question of the first design.

By the way, from the point of view of current production, this is such a ripple. It is customary for patent pins to be supplemented with colored pictures. However, in the case of Xiaomi’s patented design, the first elements can be seen as a clear body of a smartphone. The entire front area is occupied by a large display that sticks to both sides of the phone, while the secondary display is located in the lower five parts of the back.

The rear display is justified due to a single photo. It serves as a viewpoint of the camera, which, as the patent drawings suggest, comes out. It therefore protrudes above the surface of the phone when zoomed. Due to the on-screen display, the phone does not usually have a physical key to control the volume. They are likely to be replaced by virtual buttons directly on the display. The power button is then located on the top of the phone, with a dual speaker and a USB-C charger at the bottom. The phone will support the music 3.5mm jack connector.

An interesting design element is the transparent area around the camera. Whether it’s a real transparent glass displaying realistic components below it, or just a sweat for the eye, following the example of the two Mi 8 Pro Explorer Edition models (see one of the most powerful smartphones with a broken processor), it’s not clear. Even the upcoming Mi 9 model, in the case of the Xiaomi optka, was attracted to it, but in the end it was not launched on the market.