The people’s version of the luxury fold will be a stack of new and old dl

There are about three months left until the introduction of the kind of generation of revolunho skldacho samsung. However, the company is also working on another version of the Galaxy Fold model. This should be based on the current generation, with more emphasis on the price.

Those interested in the Samsung smartphone folder have to dig deep into their pockets. The revolutionary Galaxy Fold model currently costs 46 thousand crowns, but the original price attacked the ten-thousandth mark. Samsung thus offered a discounted alternative in the form of the Z Flip smartphone. However, even for this model, the recipient will pay enough, specifically 42 thousand crowns. And the expected kind of fold generation will not be noticeable from the cheap region (for more, see It will only be for the rich. Samsung is preparing an interesting news).

According to Nike Max Weinbach, however, the company now works like this model all the time. It can be based on the current fold, the price can be significantly more attractive. According to the Phonearenaby portal, the novelty with the probable designation Galaxy Fold Lite should not cost more than $ 1,100, ie about 29 thousand crowns. So it would be just about printing the top model Galaxy S20 +. The only noticeable price of the cast made of folding Samsung knows certain steps.

It is speculated that the production of a lightweight fold should be used not only by new parts, but also by those from older Samsungs. This is a specific model that has been launched on the market since 2018. A similar procedure is practiced by competing Apple, which, in the case of the iPhone SE, introduced the hardware market, developed a smartphone dressed in years old (see more Small, powerful and recycled. only Apple). This Galaxy Fold Lite has little to lose on the hardware side compared to the white fold.

One of these visible changes may be the change in the external display. The dimensions should be similar to that used on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. This year’s internal display protects the ultra-thin flexible glass in the interior of the presented smartphone cover. It would therefore be offered that the company will use it in any other complex model that it intended to launch on the market. However, a lightweight fold should be in this respect with its dram pattern, the upper layer of the internal display should also be made of plastic polymer.

The outer materials should be equal to the premium models: the clay frame should cover the glass panels. The remote fold would not have to lose the support of a wireless charge. The bag is still a question that eliminates in Samsung due to the low price.

Speculation suggests the absence of support for 5G st. However, one of the versions that are now used in the IP set is the use of the peak Snapdragon 865. This hundredth generation supports, Samsung would probably have to disable this feature with software. It is also offered to use completely different ip sets. According to Weinbach, the old Snapdragon 855 Plus, ie the most powerful Qualcomm ip for 2019, was put on the scales last autumn. This ip is in the mentioned age of the Galaxy Z Flip. Memories are also uncertain, regardless of the ip used, it is 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory.

The Galaxy Fold Lite could be unveiled at the end of August, along with the second generation of folding Samsung and the new generation of Galaxy Note models. Probably first as a cheaper alternative to the new peak fold. Fold Lite should be available in two colors, Mirror Black and Mirror Purple. So in colors, in them there is a Z Z flip. Due to the expected price of $ 1,099 (ie 29 thousand crowns), the price folding should be relieved by the most affordable folding smartphone on the market.

10. of 2019