The once famous mobile manufacturer is 155 years old. Nokia started like a beam

It has ruled the mobile world since 1998, and was not deposed by Samsung in 2012. Two years later, its mobile division worked under Microsoft. Furthermore, the bag is a major supplier of equipment for telecommunications st. The Finnish company Nokia commemorates the 155th annual foundation, originally engaged in paper processing.

The company was founded on May 12, 1865 by the Finnish long engineer Fredrik Idestam, who built a mill for the processing of nine pulps near the river Tammerkoski near Tampere in southwestern Finland. It opened in 1866. In 1868, Nokia opened a second branch near the city, and the city’s name inspired it to name Nokia in 1871. Later, the company began to manufacture rubber products, such as galleys, tires and cables. These divisions merged in 1967.

Nokia has begun to penetrate telecommunications and electronics since the 1960s. Sweat gradually got rid of side activities and turned to telecommunications. The first Nokia mobiles were designed for cars (Mobira Senator from 1982), in 1987 Nokia launched the first Mobira Cityman portable phone for analog with NMT. The phone weighed 800 grams and in the world cost more than 117 thousand crowns.

He was called Gorba, because at that time the then Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbaov was photographed. In the same year, the company became the third largest TV manufacturer in Europe. In 1992, Nokia launched the world’s first mass-produced GSM phone, the Nokia 1011.

In 1998, Nokia announced 100 million mobile phone manufacturers, making it the world’s largest manufacturer. In the mobile phone market, it gradually began to lose ground, among other things because it did not respond sufficiently to the advent of smartphones. In April 2014, the company completed the sale of Microsoft’s mobile phone division for 5.44 billion euros (according to the then exchange rate for about 140 billion crowns). The company has focused on owl equipped and a huge portfolio of patented mobile devices.

Nokia, which at the time was the largest manufacturer of mobile phones and by far the largest Finnish company, now announced in the Finnish city of Espoo. At present, it is a major global supplier of equipment for the telecommunications industry, operating in more than 120 countries and employing 100,000 people. Last year, the company’s profit in the second quarter of the mezzanine rose sharply to 258 million euros (7.1 billion K) from the previous 139 million euros (3.8 billion K). Orders for the new generation 5G mobile phone contributed to this double profit. Sales increased by seven percent to 5.7 billion euros (tm 157 billion crowns).

This is how Nokia recalled the 150th anniversary:

April 12, 2015