The new flexible Samsung will be durable, it will still be far from it

The category of flexible phones is still a bit experimental, as evidenced by the fact that these models are very prone to breakage and must be handled with great care. The kind of generation of the Fold u model should perhaps be a bit more durable.

Many people still remember the problems of the first generation of the Fold model. The top layer of the display was peeling off the screen, settling under uncertainties, and the hinge jammed substantially two times than the manufacturer stated its life. All this can be expected from the nature of such a product: the first generation of anything will be far from the optimal product.

The second generation of the flexible Galaxy Fold will soon be on the market, and Samsung has taken off to provide it with modern security features. For example, the external display, which, unlike the Polish model, spreads over virtually the entire front area (6.2-inch depth), will protect the new Gorilla Glass Victus cover glass.

The internal display will then cover a very thin layer of flexible glass, referred to as UTG (ultra thin glass), and although it may still be in the middle of the display when viewed from some major points, its strength and durability should improve significantly compared to previous generations. The same applies to the ingress of uncertainties under the display, which the novelty will be able to keep out of the way better.

However, the fact that flexible phones will still run for a while in a very light space, which is unlikely to match its durability even with a classic smartphone. Yes, the internal display will be protected from mechanical damage when closed, but you can damage the exterior at any time, just like with a regular mobile phone. Movable media, such as a hinge, still pose a high risk of failure, and may be likely to occur forever.

About the phone, which the manufacturer officially revealed at the end of August, there are still some key information errors, especially the price and date of sale. We’ll find out in five weeks, on Wednesday 1. Samsung will provide the rest of the information about Fold 2. In the meantime, we can at least take a look at the first review of the phone, which is completely in English, but at least the phone can be viewed a bit again: