The first phone with a fully new system will be in five years, promises Huawei

For more than a year now, Huawei will not be able to use the Android operating system with Google’s services for new production phones, and therefore it is preparing a completely own mobile system. We should be able to see the first mobile phone in which it will work in five years.

In mid-August, the last exemption that Huawei received from trading with American companies expired. In practice, this means, among other things, that the American company has to give its hands to this Google company, and the hope that Huawei could once again use the full-fledged form of Android, as we know it from other brands, is really negligible. The reaction was fully revealed by Huawei to HarmonyOS ‘own operating system.

The Huawei system is highly versatile. It is a so-called distributed operating system based on micro-ideas, which can be used in a wide range of devices. The new platform supports smart phones, smart speakers, computers, smart watches, wireless headphones, cars and tablets (everything in the nsk system will move anything. Huawei has introduced its HarmonyOS). So far, its manufacturer has used it in several models of televisions.

Huawei Mobile Director Richard Yu has now revealed that the first smartphone with HarmonyOS will be ready in five years. This is basically the case at the Huawei conference, which will take place on Thursday, the 10th day, where the company unveiled the second generation of this system and at the same time allows you to see more of its practical use.

According to director Huawei, the mobile phone with a functional Harmony system had to postpone its presentation for various reasons. Practically all the following smartphones are also at risk due to the end of the license to trade with the company TMSC, which was caused by chips manufactured by American technologies. The license expired on the 15th after this date at Huawei gave ipy order.

This will probably adversely affect the next generation of this manufacturer’s top model, or the state-of-the-art Kirin 9000 IP kit (manufactured on 5nm technology) will probably be the last one Huawei will be able to install with its phones. The manufacturer can not rely much on our manufacturer ip SMIC, which is unfortunately in terms of production processes are far behind TMSC. Huawei therefore has to look dl njak jin een.