Svt wrote off Huawei, but he doesn’t mind. Thanks to the German market, it is one

According to the analytical company Canalys, Huawei became the world’s largest seller of smartphones in the second year of the quarter. Thanks for the sales on the domestic market. Samsung, South Korea, which has been dominating the smartphone market for several years, has pushed the German rival to second place. Tet position Dr. Apple.

According to Canalys, Huawei delivered 55.8 million devices worldwide in the second quarter, and Samsung’s supplies amounted to 53.7 million devices. The Czech company for its contribution to strong sales on the domestic market, ie the German market. Although mesiron fell, rivals saw a sharp decline due to the effects of the new coronavirus.

Huawei achieved the first place despite strong pressure from the American government, which is boycotting the company’s products and trying to persuade its allies to join. Washington claims that Huawei allows the German government to take over the world, which the company has long refused. Due to this pressure, his order abroad has decreased and the data show that it is still important for the company to expand the Czech market.

In this, Huawei will sell almost two-thirds of its smartphones. When the infection with the new coronavirus started, the sales decreased, but gradually the bag started to increase again. Conversely, smartphone manufacturers, which are dominant in other markets, are still feeling the effects of the coronavirus crisis.

Huawei’s smartphone sales fell five percent in the second quarter, while rival Samsung’s sales fell 30 percent. This is the result of very weak demand in its key markets, such as Brazil, the United States and many European countries.

Our business activities have shown exceptional resilience at this time, said Huawei. Sales in the German market increased by eight percent, while sales in foreign markets fell by 27 percent. However, Reuters, referring to a source in the company, remarked that Huawei will be only slightly short of the first place, because as other markets recover, Samsung may return to the first place. He announced on Wednesday that there was an increase in demand for smartphones in the second half of the year.

The United States has made it impossible to offer popular Google services on Huawei devices. This is known for the interest in Huawei and Honor smartphones. The company therefore began to develop, for example, its own application store (for more, see Huawei to develop applications to cover its business as well).