Speciln samsung u nabzej o destky tisc dre. Cena me jet rst

Along with the new generation of the Fold model, Samsung also introduced its limited edition. The special set, which will be available in a sweat of only 5,000 pieces, according to the eye, did not escape the appearance of pekupnk. Now there is a piece to me on the eBay auction portal with a peak of about 20,000.

The second generation of the first Samsung folder, its entire designation is the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G, following the example of its sibling of old design, the Z Flip model, a specially limited edition has been achieved. It also came from a collaboration with the New York mdn emblem Thom Browne. Even a number of limited innovations is therefore exclusively for me in the combination of platinum edible blades equipped with red-blue-blue tricolor. Stop opt only on selected markets. In addition, Samsung currently only accepts pre-orders. While the standard Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G will go on sale in the 18th, so limited edition and a week later.

However, this is not a problem for bakers. It is now available on the eBay auction portal for a special edition, which comes again in a set with other Samsung products (Galaxy Buds Live headphones, Galaxy Watch3 smart watch). A total of three pieces are currently available to me. Not surprisingly, for a very different price, this is not official.

A specific seller from Great Britain, performing under the pseudonym kickmobiles-ltdza, each of the offered pieces requires 3,759 pounds, ie in the amount of something less than 111 thousand crowns. The standard price, for which it is available to me directly at the British branch of Samsung, is 2,999 pounds, ie in the amount of less than 89 thousand crowns.


In each piece offered, in case there is a recipient, the seller has spent 760 pounds, which is in the amount of 22.5 thousand crowns. If he still has a hypothetically successful reading of this piece of this special edition and one of them would keep it, then the buyer may pay it for a quarter. In such a case, it would cost about a hundred, followed by the Samsung Galaxy S20 (749 pounds) with a slight surcharge on the British market.

It is true that accessing this set through a pre-order is difficult due to the limited availability. The first one in the UK can only be pre-ordered with a UK delivery address. Therefore, if the recipient is not related and known permanently in the British Kingdom, then another path than eBay will not.

That is, if Thom Browne, after a specially limited edition of Galaxy Z Fold 2, is so willing that he is willing to pay extra. However, the probable scenario is that for this price, all available pieces will be on offer for at least a few weeks. So, like the first point, he took the collaboration between Samsung and the New York characters. For the special edition of the Z Flip smartphone cover, these buyers also require multiple outages. And the people don’t rush. However, it cannot be ruled out that the price of a limited fold will not go up sharply after it is sold out by Samsung.