Smartphones can be found drunk. She showed a scientific study

According to research from the University of Pittsburgh, smartphones can be used by sensors to monitor drunkenness. The researchers hope that the result of their study will contribute to the development of a suitable device that would, for example, warn drunkards against sitting behind the wheel. It is also a question of whether they would respect such warnings.

The study of American scholars involved 22 participants aged 21 and 43 years. Every hour an alcoholic cocktail of vodka and lime was taken from you. And so far, until now, the client has reached the limit of 80 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood, which corresponds to 0.8 per mille of alcohol in the blood. First, such a level of alcohol is tolerated by horses not only in the USA, but also in the United Kingdom (except in Scotland, where the limit is 0.5 per mille).

The researchers then used images, which are a standard part of every smartphone. Through them, they monitored walking studies. According to the BBC server, they found that the phones were able to find out more than the final limit of their users after 90% accuracy.

Each of the participants in the study had a smartphone plugged into the wall, and every two hours after that he could take ten steps, turn around and turn back. At the same time, the phones were able to detect a change in the walking distance of a given party.

We have powerful sensors that we carry with us wherever we go, changed by research leader Brian Suffoletto, saying that we only need to learn to use them in such a way that they serve public health as best as possible.

American scientists now hope that their findings will be used in the development of a device that would warn people against sitting behind the wheel if the final blood alcohol limit is exceeded. It could be, for example, a mobile application. However, it would still be up to the user to decide whether to take such a warning into account at all. Respectively, if he would use a similar application at all.

Suffoletta to carry out the study, among other things, phoda from university studies, when due to accidents, vn played the role of alcohol, sawing a close bird. As an emergency, he often took care of adults who had suffered injuries as a result of acute alcohol intoxication.

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh are aware that their studies are of relatively little telling value due to their low sweat. According to them, however, they intend to experiment with this preliminary research. Among other things, they have to imitate a new phone in the pockets and hands of their users.

Suffoletto made it known that in five years’ time, he could imagine a world where people would be warned about the consequences of risky drinking. According to him, they should also contain tips on how to stop drinking for good.