See the history of mobile st. Which one do you remember?

Let’s get to the middle of the generation and slowly forget, we saw the previous ones. Motorola sums it up in a streaming video, where it introduces the tusk characteristics of each generation.

At the forefront were the technologies of the Japanese company NTT from 1979 (in Europe since 1981 as NMT), again referred to as 1G, which worked analog. In principle, they allowed only the most basic function, ie free. In the Czech Republic, the operator Eurotel (now O2) launched NMT svz 1991 as, which operated until the middle of 2006.

The transition from analog to digital saw with the input of 2G st (1991), which were originally referred to as GSM. Unlike the virtually non-existent first generation, mobile phones are equipped with 2G support today, which is still the only communication option in many cities around the world. 2G st brought mainly news in the form of texts first and connected to the Internet. In Czech, these still work.

The 3G is connected with the advent of smartphones, their main strength is the use of mobile applications. In the first place, 3Gs have improved the speed of mobile data transfer, which is the first to connect with the possibility of connecting mobile applications, which can now work with all data volumes (eg e-mail with desktops). In the Czech Republic, they use 3G technology, but compared to the world, at least me. And Vodafone will turn this off for you in the spring of 2021.

A constantly current and widely used technology is 4G, which, following the example of its predecessor, accelerated data transfers. The 4G series is closely connected with the mass use of social networks and streaming content (audio, video), which require volumes of transmitted data. In the Czech Republic, mobile internet has plunged mass with the advent of 4G, because the previous 3G covered only a very limited area.

The advent of 5G will mean for mobile phone users, in particular, the number of transmission speeds and reduced response, so 5G will have a major impact, especially on the Internet, and connect devices as such, which I can use in industries such as robotics, autonomous vehicles and virtual reality. The first 5G s chamber was launched at the end of July this year by the O2 operator. Then cover the center of Prague and Cologne.