Samsung has learned nothing about bacteria. This coronavir is then short

In connection with coronavirus epidemics, the need to clean a mobile phone was also mentioned. This is one of the most exciting things, we come into regular contact. You need a UV sterilizer to disinfect it. The first such product in Samsung’s new portfolio.

According to the Android Authority portal, South Korean Samsung introduced its ITFIT UV sterilizer not only for smartphones to the Thai market in July. However, the company informs that it is available through selected e-shops and retail stores, starting in June. Every now and then, this device was intended to be introduced to other markets.

According to Samsung, E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans can be used to get rid of 99% of bacteria and pathogens in ten minutes, not only the surface of your mobile phone, but only 99% of bacteria and pathogens, according to Samsung. Samsung C&T is also a wireless offer.

According to Samsung, smartphones with a display size of up to 7 ″, ie its current top model, the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, will fit into the sterilizer. In addition, the wireless headphones can be sterilized in it, as well as everyday items like glasses. Samsung nevertheless warns that the subject must fit completely into the interior, the interior must be completely allowed.

The sterilizer is equipped with two UV lights, which, when switched on, sterilize the upper and lower surfaces of the inserted object. The sterilization process is started by pressing the button, after ten minutes the zazen switches itself off. At the same time, smartphones and other electronic devices supporting wireless charging are automatically charged. The battery is charged at the end of the sterilization process.

Samsung claims that 99% operation of the UV sterilizer has been proven by tests performed by two independent testing and certified companies, namely the British Intertek and the Swiss SGS. However, Samsung does not mention coronavirus, which makes the darkness of portable UV sterilizers open in materials.

According to the Android Authority, the reason is obvious: the coronavirus will be affected by this device and despite high activity. The main rock can be used in the sterilizer to use a UV lamp. Although it emits ultraviolet in the C spectrum, which is harmful to even organisms, it has not been proven that UV-C light coronavirus destroys it.

He noted that, according to expert judgment, it would be necessary to expose the subject to UV-C for a long time to complete the disposal of coronavirus. In this context, it also recalls the results of unspecified studies, according to which the coronavirus on the smartphone displays five hours and 96 hours.

Aktuln is an ITFIT UV sterilized box with a wireless charging function that can be ordered, for example, in Germany, Romania, Singapore and Hong Kong. Specifically, our lower neighbors cost 58.38 euros, ie in the dark at 1,600 K. The dimensions of the ceiling are 228 x 133 x 49.5 mm (internal: 196 x 96 x 33 mm), the weight is 369 grams. During the summer, Samsung has launched its sterilized box on the Czech market, the exact date is currently unknown. Znma is not even an esk price.