Samsung has a box that the cell phone cleans and charges. The price is not high

Samsung has launched an sterilizer from the ITFIT brand on the esk market. The price of a device that can get rid of (not only) the surface of a mobile phone and 99% of dangerous bacteria within a minute is equal to competing products. You can get the bag even cheaper.

The UV fuse features ITFIT, which is supplemented by a wireless charging function and currently accommodates Samsung’s largest smartphone model, the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, was introduced by the Korean company to the Czech market on Monday, August 3. The portable sterilizer with dimensions of 228 x 133 x 49.5 mm can hold any smartphone with a display with a maximum of seven-inch feet.

However, wireless headphones can also fit into his burials, as well as other everyday objects, such as watches, glasses and goggles. The only condition is that the lid must be fully inserted after inserting the object.

A design box that can get rid of 99% of bacteria and pathogens, including E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans, in ten minutes, as well as a wireless charge (maximum 10 W). Thanks to compatibility with the latest iOS and Android devices supporting wireless, it is charged and recharged during the sterilization process.

According to Samsung, the high performance of the UV sterilizer was proven by tests of two independent testing and certified companies, performed by the British Intertek and the Swiss SGS. The coronavirus, due to which the darkness of portable UV sterilizers has opened, is a mole. The reason, according to the Android Authority, is that despite high activity, this coronavirus is probably a mole. Although the sterilizer lamps emit ultraviolet C-spectroscopy, which is harmful to even organisms, it has not been proven that UV-C light destroys the coronavirus.

The manufacturer of the sterilized box is not Samsung, but the ITFIT brand. Samsung is probably behind the design of this product. It must be added that in the portfolio of the South Korean manufacturer, this is by no means the first product taken from this cooperation.

The sterilizer is equipped with two UV lights, which, when turned on, sterilize the upper and lower surfaces of the smartphone and any other inserted object. The sterilization process is started by pressing the button, after ten minutes the zazen switches itself off. The battery is charged after the sterilization process is completed.

The recommended retail price is 1,499 crowns, which corresponds to the other commonly available portable sterilizers. However, Samsung specifically offered this novelty in its portfolio on its own e-shop for just 1,199 K.

ITFIT sterilizers can be found cheaper. And in the e-shop of the Datart seller, where he was discounted to me for 764 crowns, later for 1,199 K. Any current Datart states that the sterilizer is unavailable.