Samsung buy star mobile. You can get the original price for the iPhone

Samsung has launched the Star event for nov. Buy in an old device and add a pri when you buy one of the selected new model characters. In one case, the action can be combined from dal prmi in the form of cashback.

Samsung prepares current offers on a regular basis, when it has two discounts on the world of its offer. So usually on expensive models, but sometimes it will provide discounts on phones medium of time. To do urit mry plat i nyn.

The action is currently Samsung dv. Cashback salary by the end of August, Star for a new to the end of. Each event has tk other models with one exception, and that is the Samsung S20. Both benefits should be applied to it.

The principle of Cashback is simple, customers at a supported retailer (including most large e-shops and thus directly corporate) buy a phone, register on the manufacturer’s website and return the bonus, ie a discount. It has a maximum value of 3 thousand crowns, at least a thousand crowns. Salary discounts not only on mobile phones, but also on watches and tablets.

Maximum salary discount for the most expensive models, ie the S series and model A71. Then don’t watch. See the table for details.

Samsung cashback until August 31st
Model Cashback
Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G 512 GB 3 000 K
Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G 3 000 K
Galaxy S20+ LTE 3 000 K
Galaxy S20+ 5G 3 000 K
Galaxy S20 3 000 K
Galaxy S10 Lite 3 000 K
Galaxy Note10 Lite 3 000 K
Galaxy A71 3 000 K
Galaxy A51 2 500 K
Galaxy A41 1 000 K
Galaxy Watch 46 mm 1 000 K
Galaxy Watch 42 mm 1 000 K
Galaxy Watch Active 1 500 K
Galaxy Watch Active2 44 mm 1 000 K
Galaxy Watch Active2 40 mm 1 000 K
Galaxy Tab 10.1 wi-fi 1 000 K
Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE 1 000 K

Samsung basically had the same action in July, the device and discounts are the same.

Old for new

The type of action is a bit sloitj. Pay when you buy Samsung Note 20, S20, Z Flip, Tab S7 and Watch 3. If you buy one of these devices, you can get a pension for your old phone and a bonus of 3,500 crowns. For the Samsung S20, the cashback is also listed.

Theoretically, you can get back everything, not how much to pay for a new device from Samsung. Such a case occurs when selling a very well-preserved expensive phone and buying a watch or Samsung S20 and Tabu S7.

Samsung calculates the price of the purchased device on the website, the back is very detailed and of course the price varies according to the model and its condition. If someone is very careful about their phone, then I can expect purchase prices in category A. But the result will come back and back, because the first time to buy a new phone, he registers, enter the parameters of the device he wants to sell and Samsung will drive for this phone. And after examining ur its price.

A bonus of 3,500 crowns will be added to the purchase price, with theoretically it is possible to get to the original price of selected phones. Respectively, pay it first on iPhones. You can get it for a basic iPhone SE with a bonus and 12,700 crowns, ie by 200 mn, not how much it costs. For the basic iPhone 11, the maximum amount is about 2 thousand crowns lower, not the purchase price of the phone. What would theoretically be a year old device would be a good purchase price.

It’s just a bit of a lottery, the result is different, because the view of an expert in the purchase may be a bit different than the owner. On the other hand, if you want one of Samsung’s selected products and want to get rid of your old device, I can save time and effort. Samsung basically releases it.