Rail, cheap, or dn. Will the crisis affect the choice of a new mobile phone?

Buying a new mobile phone can be a kind of ritual for some users. It doesn’t matter if I have the highest sphere or look for an affordable model. If you were planning to buy a new mobile phone this year, you are probably facing a difficult question. We are interested in how much vs, tene, the current situation is affected during the selection.

Closed shops, stagnant production. These are some of the small consequences of the measures taken to slow down the coronavirus epidemic. It also negatively affected the mobile industry, as the production of many mobile brands also stopped at a number of weeks.

And when the production of high-voltage, where many mobile phones are assembled, was returning to normal, then mobile manufacturers gave no less called problems. Due to the economic situation in the world, more significant sales can be expected. Apple, for example. This year’s news should therefore be introduced from the bottom (for more, see the new iPhone 12, there must be no failure. Apple therefore had a delay in the premiere). There is no doubt that coronavirus measures will not be reflected in family budgets. It can thus be expected that a number of people will not suffer for what they do not necessarily need for life.

If you had to fill your new smartphone for the first time this year, you should now be faced with the question of whether it is appropriate to spend it in the current situation. So, especially if you regularly replace the old equipment, regardless of whether the purchase of a new mobile phone forces the uncomfortable state of the existing one.

Due to the location of these questions, it may be so healthy that the Czech koruna has significantly weakened due to the coronavirus epidemic. This was also reflected in consumer prices, ie also in the Czech prices of smartphones (for more see Merchants, a more significantly healthy smartphone). The weakening of the koruna will not only affect the prices of smartphones from stockpiles, but in the case of new shipments, it is inevitably unhealthy.

So, due to the current situation, postpone the purchase of a new mobile phone and you will read, even discount your year and look around the price category?

Buy a new smartphone this year?

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No, it wasn’t even full


Yes, I don’t need 20,000 crowns for him tomorrow


No, from the planned purchase this year


Yes, mm smoothed model in the category of 10,000 and 14,999 crowns


Yes, neutratm ovem vce ne 4 999 K


Yes, I fill the track between 5,000 and 9,999 crowns


Yes, spend between 15,000 and 19,999 K