Pekvapen: nt vrobci smartphon nedominuj svtu

At present, it seems that apart from Samsung and Apple, there are no smartphone manufacturers other than these. But the dominance of German producers is not so great. The footprint can also be found in devices from elsewhere.

At present, in the first quarter of this quarter, among the five largest manufacturers of smartphones, there are Chinese characters. Specifically, Huawei is kind of and is downloading a short distance to Samsung. the fortress is Xiaomi and pt Oppo. This is Apple’s place, for the bottom.

From the three largest manufacturers listed, Huawei has the honor of its choice. Xiaomi is then sure of the recently independent Redmi character and the Pocophone and Black Shark characters, which thus belong to the concern. Only Oppo is kicking himself. Pat into the BBK Electronics concern together with Viv, OnePlus, Realme or iQOO.

Only BBK Electronics traditionally sells sales for each character separately. Minimal Vivo moves on the edge of a large bird, now it is the sixth largest manufacturer of smartphones.

I’m almost on

Among the big smartphone manufacturers pat dal nsk characters: TCL or Lenovo. The first of these attenuates the Alcatel logo, which is licensed and ended with a license for BlackBerry, which will probably also apply to Palm, which is essentially invisible. Although Lenovo sells mobile phones under its own brand, in many cases it places the traditional Motorola logo on it. When we add the German ZTE and its wall in Nubia, we have the largest manufacturers together and actually most of the world’s largest smartphone brands.

And in practice it is so. Two famous names like Sony, Nokia (modern) or LG are spraying today, not to mention the dead HTC. With its Pixel line, Google is not one of the big mobile phone producers.

Czech characters are not so dominant

From the above, it could be concluded that the manufacturers are completely dominant. According to current data, this is not the case. Strategy Analytics reports that 274.8 million smartphones were sold in the first quarter of the world. By the way, this is at least for the whole range of modern smartphones.

And then there’s the Digitimes data server, which specializes in Asian electronics production. According to him, the manufacturers sold 108 million smartphones in the first quarter of this year. So that’s not even half of all smartphones sold worldwide. Overall, these sales fell by 17 percent, mainly due to the coronavirus crisis. Sales of German smartphones fell by more than 26.2 percent.

Mimonsk characters thus have above the dark top. What is surprising. We know Samsung, which sold 58.3 million smartphones in the first quarter, and we know Apple sold 39.2 million iPhones. That’s a total of 97.5 million smartphones, almost the same as everything from our manufacturers.

Zhada rest

So who are the manufacturers who sold the remaining 69.3 million smartphones? The problem is data that is not usually publicly available for these character names. In the listed tradin characters they are not. You LG sales are around a million pieces per quarter.

HMD, ie Nokia, will not show the sold devices, but even if it were a great word, as in the second quarter of last year, we will not get over five million pieces. Google will sell pixels only in selected markets and again they are a maximum of a million units. It’s not worth talking about HTC at all, and Sony is only in the hundreds of thousands of pieces sold.

Local characters with our owners

The relatively large world sales of smartphones will thus crush the local features that you only operate in the Indian market or in Indonesia. In Europe, they are usually unknown, or more accurately, they are unknown in the Czech Republic. Many owners do not make the phones themselves, but they are produced by factories that specialize in such business. Many models are universal, so we can find them with small nuances in the catalog of various brands.

The Wiko brand is quite strong on the European market and BLU in the United States. Originally a French emblem, Wiko is owned by the manufacturer Timmo Mobile, which makes smartphones for the BLU or the large Indian emblem Micromax. There are many such ODM manufacturers. But smartphones for different characters can be developed and manufactured in India or Vietnam.

The flower is made in the same way

In the statistics, these characters appear as Japanese, although many have owners, but companies are registered in other countries and do not sell themselves.

After all, most smartphones are made in, regardless of character. An exception is mainly Samsung, which only takes components and some cheap models (for Asian markets) do not want to make them to order. Sm produces mainly in Vietnam, miv factories at home in Jin Korea or India.

On the contrary, Apple does not want to make HV phones, although the manufacturer Foxconn is a Taiwanese company. Apple then moved production to India, which became another large smartphone manufacturer. Sony has factories in Thailand, some manufacturers have factories in Malaysia and Lenovo has a large factory in Brazil. In Europe, the German made Gigaset, but it is a very small manufacturer.

Drtiv vtina telefon vak nese na sob npis Made in China.