Pekupnci cannot sleep. I want to spend a lot on this limited edition

It was only available in selected markets and only in limited quantities. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip in a limited edition Thom Browne buyers still offer for the price of a sunny used car. And you should probably grind her teeth for the latest news. Combined with the New York design, this is the new Galaxy Z Fold 2.

According to the ore, Samsung premiered the second generation of the Galaxy Fold skeleton model in August. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 model, although the company did not announce, among other things, the official price, will not be cheap again. With tm se ovem tak njak u pot. Furnace only this type of smartphone is stle spe exoticism in the market. However, this type of fold generation gets to know a different variant: a specially limited edition by Thom Browne similar to the Galaxy Z Flip lid.

According to the famous Nike IceUniverse, even the result of the latter will not be associated with the New York proposal for a cheap price. The price of a limited fold is estimated at more than 20 thousand yen, ie more than 64 thousand crowns. This is about half the amount, it should not be Fold 2. It is speculated that its price may be the same as in the case of the first generation, ie $ 1,990 (approximately 44 thousand crowns). Let’s add that Galaxy Fold is on sale on the Czech market for 45,990 K.

However, the limited price of the limited edition is not limited by numerous limitations, but also by the fact that it is again about a set containing other Samsung products. In particular, it should include the Galaxy Watch 3a and the Galaxy Buds Live headset, so it gave the latest innovations that the company introduced on Wednesday. The price of this generation of Samsung smart watches is set at 11.5 thousand crowns, in the Thom Browne set you can have the titanium version of the Galaxy Watch 3, its price is 17.5 thousand crowns. The Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne set included the Galaxy Watch Active2 with a maximum price of 7.9 thousand crowns. And the new Galaxy Buds + headphones are not included in this set, and the new Galaxy Buds Live are also included.

More about the special limited edition Thom Browne, Samsung should reveal the 1st issue, when it should provide detailed information on the second generation of folded folders, including its availability and price.

PortlGSM Aren, noting that the Thom Browne set is more about money and exclusivity than financial value. However, you can see it differently. In the case of the limited Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne, which was created in the pot of ten thousand exempl, did not hesitate and still do not hesitate for this data exclusivity, the sums for which you could look like the sun (see Samsung for more at a discount, for him lovers want 400 thousand).

It is quite a fool to expect that it would be different in the case of a limited fold. Even in this case, it will be a limited edition, which will be available only in selected markets. So if the buyers can spend on it, then try it for any price. Despite the fact that the concrete set Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne tries to give the price of a few cars for the price of a used car.