Once upon a time, no one wanted mobile phones, now they sell for hundreds of thousands

Many users looked at our mobile phones mainly due to the unusually low prices compared to the competition sweat. Vborn price / performance ratio bag many Asian characters quickly catapulted among the best sellers. It is no exception that even the top models cost tens of thousands. One is to me even for an esticiferous sum.

Many Czech brands have become strong players on the market over the years. The proof is the fact that you do not need to underestimate the low price, with your news often priced at two ratios very high. In addition, we establish cooperation with leading world brands, both from the copper and automotive industries.

One of the last results of such cooperation was presented in April this year by the Czech company Oppo, which belongs to the completed BKK Electronics, which includes the Vivo and OnePlus brands. After a long collaboration with the Italian carmaker Lamborghini, which created a special edition of the Find X smartphone bearing the name Automobili Lamborghini Edition, the year-round novelty Find X2 was just as unique.

The phone with features and user interface referring to the top model of the Italian carmaker, the Aventador SVJ Roadster, is delivered in a special package with a number of other accessories such as a run-made protective case, wireless headphones and car charger. For example, the Dutch T-Mobile offers a special edition of Find X2 Pro for 1,595 euros, ie in the amount of 42 thousand crowns. However, compared to the amount required by one of the sellers on eBay, the bill.

According to some portals, Oppo Find X2 ProAutomobili Lamborghini Edition worldwide is limited to only 35 pieces. However, the manufacturer does not mention such a number of restrictions anywhere, so it has not been possible to verify the information on less than one plate for the whole world. However, on that stated strict number of first sellers on the eBay auction portal. It is no exception that the special Lamborghini edition offers its transfer with a fifteen-thousandth.

The team of 57,000 for the phone, which, compared to the Sri Lankan model, bears the logos of the Italian carmaker and its whether it imitates carbon, is still a short exchange of money compared to one seller from the United Kingdom. The phone offers this for more than seven times its sales price. m is jin not the others?

Only poadovem slem. It is a seven-piece out of 35. The seller will therefore start the first seven. The phone with this order price is worth 10.5 thousand pounds, ie in the amount of 304 thousand crowns.

How he arrived at this amount is a question. As a result, no matter what is required for this particular piece, the question is whether anyone will be willing to pay such an amount at all just because it is only a piece with a specific order number from a limited number of people. It is true that on eBay it is only with similar offers. First generation iPhones are also available for statistics. And as long as the first iPhones are baked there, there will be a number of seven oppo in the limited Lamborghini edition.

17. ervence 2020