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Leton kind of quarter has become a non mrou for the world economy. Of course, this applies to mobile phone manufacturers, but there are two exceptions. The first result of Apple seems unbelievable.

Apple has probably been the worst quarter for mobile phone manufacturers as a manufacturer. In his case, the public economic results are better than the average, and in most cases the product collected more than it was last year in the same period. Even from the iPhone he collected meziron vc, although in this case it was just a fous.

New data from the analytical company Counterpoint then show how different Apple’s results are compared to its competitors. Together with Realme, he was the only one to record sales of one million pieces. Realme then made a million more, but its position is full and the volume of sales is significantly smaller.

The other manufacturers reported a sharp drop in sales for the second quarter. You Samsung for 22 million pieces, Oppo for six million, Xiaomi tm for six million, Vivo for five million or Lenovo (including Motorola) for two million. Huawei also sold me, but its decline is surprisingly low, Meziron sold only 1.8 million units. What secured him the surprising and unexpected position of the worlds of ones.

Apple league

But first Apple, which played its own league in the last quarter. For the first time, this manufacturer, at least for the time being, is essentially difficult. Paprov should first this feature, which is basically in all segments in which the company, the most expensive, should honor the crisis more noticeably. The purchase of zazen for work from home (tablets, pots) certainly helped with a certain assortment. Details can be found here.

The iPhone SE is a cheap trump card for my phone. This was long overdue and the company hit the crisis with its start of sales. The details are not known yet, Apple itself does not report some sales and the number of devices sold, only sales for individual segments.

nsk massacre Huawei saw

Huawei’s situation is evident from a global perspective. New models may not use Google services for more than a year, which basically disqualifies them from the competition, and the manufacturer dreams of himself. This was stated by analysts from Counterpoint, outside of which Huawei’s sales fell by 26 percent. Mention that the company can be found only in certain countries of the entrance to Europe, specifically in Ukraine and Russia.

Just then she’s here. In three coronavirus pandemics began, but at the same time it was basically the first to get (respectively from the spring wave). Also, when the rest of the world was closed, life slowly returned to normal. And so the national market recorded a drop in mobile phone sales by 17 percent for the second quarter, in the rest of the world sales were down by 29 percent.

As a result, Huawei holds almost half of the Czech market (47 percent, according to Counterpoint), which is unbelievable. Two years ago, it was less than 30 percent. For Huawei they are good at first, for other Czech manufacturers at first very bad. Ron loses together about a tenth of the domcho market, which is a stle klov for most of them.

Smartphone sales for 2Q 2020 according to Counterpoint Research in millions
The sign Sales 2Q 2019 Sales 2Q 2020
Huawei 56,6 54,8
Samsung 76,3 54,2
Apple 36,5 37,5
Xiaomi 32,3 26,5
Oppo 30,6 24,5
Vivo 27 22,1
Lenovo Group 9,5 7,5
Realme 5 5,5
LG 7,4 5,2
Tecno 4,9 4,1
Last 71 29,6
Total 357 271,4

Some manufacturers, like you, Xiaomi, have diversified to sell two, some of whom have only recently embarked on this and will have something to do to make up for their losses. Not only is there one thing that is right for them at first, many of them prefer to focus on the huge and unsaturated Indian market, but there have not been a positive mood for our companies and their products lately. The reason is the corps of two Asian powers on the common border.

Tet nejvt

Counterpoint indicates the sales of the ten largest manufacturers. In the table, there is one essentially unknown company for us, the rainy city of Dr. Tecno, which is a Hong Kong company specializing in African markets. It is worth noting the huge drop in the column, as sales fell mezzanine from 71 million devices to almost 30 million.

According to the table, this is Apple’s largest manufacturer. Only when the companies from the BBK Electronics group, which are the largest in the plate, are given, this group would become the first largest manufacturer. Pat tam pt Oppo, est Vivo a osm Realme. If the results of OnePlus and IQOO were added, the group would attack the first and second lever. For comparison, the current first Huawei included the Honor symbol. Sm o would not be one.