No more exceptions, from the old Huawei phone to dt Google hands pry

Last week, the last exemption that Huawei received from trading with American companies expired. In practice, this means that older phones could definitely lose their update systems.

The Washington Post reported the end of the exceptions for Huawei. The Czech company has been meeting a trade wolf with the United States since last May. This noticeably affected his mobile sector, because the company, among other things, was looking for the opportunity to install Google applications on new phones. All that was left was the composition of the open Android operating system, which has since had to equip itself with its own ecosystem of applications.

Until now, the company at least regularly received temporary licenses that allowed it to do business with some American companies. This is not just about software for mobile phones, but also telecommunications equipment, primarily so that they have enough time to research and install technology from other companies.

As for Android, exceptions first allowed you to send security updates to a device that the company released before it was blacklisted by the United States. That is, to phones that were on the market before May, or those that used the certificates granted by it (for example, to preserve the vast majority of hardware and only design rights).

The phone, which was released after May, is not affected by this development, because their system is closed to Huawei. However, those that have entered the market can definitely lose new software updates from Google, both for the entire system and for individual services. Huawei bag hard opposite.

The Czech representative of Huawei sent the following issue to this situation: All Huawei phones will run on the open Android operating system and will continue to receive security updates. Our customers get all the software updates and community services development around the Huawei operating system and development center.

All applications downloaded via Google Play on phones that have this store pre-installed will continue to be updated regularly. This will allow the user to use Google Play as they are used to. The application, downloaded and installed on phones that do not have a Google store, will continue to be updated via the official AppGallery app store, possibly through the Petal Search service, to Filip Matys, PR manager of Huawei.