Mysterious cheapest Samsung with 5G revealed. It will also be in the Czech Republic

The cheapest Samsung with 5G support was changed by the O2 operator at the end of June, when it launched the first Czech chamberlain. Now the manufacturer presented this model virtually at a large online event.

If it weren’t for covid, Samsung would be presenting the news at the IFA trade fair in Berlin. Only this year’s course is only in a very limited form, so Samsung entered the online premiere. Of course, he introduced something new, from a mobile point of view, these are, in addition to the A42 5G model, the A7 jet tablet and the Fit 2 bracelet.

First, bag the cheapest contribution of the manufacturer to a family phone with the support of the fifth generation. There are quite a few of them on the market, but in the overwhelming wind only in the category of drach and unloaded drachch model. Probably the main reason is the processors with 5G support, which are now small and always fall into the category of IP for mid-range phones or for top models.

At Qualcomm, so far it has only been the 765 and 865 chips, and their variants. The cheap 5G processor is not yet on the menu or Samsung is part of its Exynos ip. The new Samsung A42 5G should be equipped with a full novelty, namely the Snapdragon 690, which is designed first for cheaper phones. Qualcomm introduced this processor in June.

Samsung has recently sharpened its portfolio, which complicates the clarity a bit. From the beginning, the metal series marks the models in a new way by plates: from the cheapest A10 to the best A90 (in Asia, the A01 models are also available). With each passing year it adds one, this year the AX1 models are so current. So far it would not be so complicated, only there are jet mounted models with the letter s at the end (AX1s).

Also on the Czech market, we can also meet the recently introduced A20s model, a whole range of letonch models, such as the A41, and then you and the A21s. This is now the first model for five years A42. Therefore, if Samsung does not change the logic.

So far, the cheapest Samsung model with 5G support is the Samsung A51 5G. Only it comes out to 11,990 K, which is quite enough. A variant of the phone without 5G costs 8,990 K, but it can be significantly cheaper in action. Samsung did not disclose the price for the new product, but according to all the Indians, it should get below 10,000 crowns. We will find out the exact price with the launch, which will not be immediately, sp and in the last quarter of this year.

As much as it will be an interesting choice, that’s the question, Samsung has published only a few parameters. The display will be of the SAMOLED type with a 6.6 inch flap. We introduced the processor, the operan memory will be 4 GB and the user 64 or 128 GB. Samsung equips cheaper models with high-capacity batteries and this will also apply here. The link will have a capacity of 5,000 mAh. The rear camera has three lenses according to the picture, Samsung does not provide details.

It is not between tablets

Samsung also introduced a new tablet at an affordable price. Of course, the power will focus on the S-series tablets and it will not even touch the pen. The difference is evident in comparison with this year’s S6 Lite model, ie a cheaper version of the Czech series of tablets. It costs 9,999 K with wi-fi and 11,990 with a mobile connection. This new A7 will cost a lot less, a version with wi-fi 5,999 K and a variant with a mobile connection of 7,499 K.

The basic parameters of the tablets are the same, ie the SAMOLED display with a 10.4-inch depth and a resolution of 2,000 x 1,200 pixels. Of course, the A7 has a pen that S6 Lite m. Jin is also a processor, A7 m Snapdragon 662 and 3 GB of operan memory. The user has a price of 32 GB, he will probably not sell twice on our market. The battery then has a capacity of 7,040 mAh. Sales zane uv z.

Bracelet for 1,400 crowns

He gave a novelty to Samsung is the Fit 2 bracelet, which will cost 1,400 crowns and will be on sale from June. It will be used primarily for monitoring sports activities, including changing the heart rate and supervising the switch. Although the battery has a miniature capacity of 159 mAh, it still lasts two weeks on a single charge, and in dispute mode it can run for a week according to. The display with a resolution of 294 x 126 is of the SAMOLED type with a depth of 1.1 inches.