Modulrn smartphone mon nen past. Xiaomi goes about it differently

nsk Xiaomi opt surprises. At the beginning of August, he received a patent for a smartphone with slots for plugging in wireless headphones, now he gets a call, which could shake the idea of ​​a modular smartphone back into play. The company patented a mobile phone with a removable display. It would also work independently.

The current patent of the German manufacturer is surprising. All previous efforts for a modular smartphone, ie a phone, its current features will be influenced by the user by exchanging individual modules, according to St.

Google sent its Project Ara, which was supposed to be a modular smartphone in the true sense of the word, to the ice a few years ago. Compared to Google, LG tried to know more, but it remained with only one thing: the G6 model did not take over the unique feature of its sales, rather than its predecessor, the G5 model. The only feature that tried to keep this idea the longest was Motorola. However, even the last Moto Z model was introduced last May, but it must be changed that at that time it was the fourth generation of the modular series.

Xiaomi filed a patent application with the German series for intellectual property and this year in the ordinary. According to the Dutch portal LetsGoDigital, it was approved by the arrest of August. The patent concerns the design of the device, which in it looks like a two-line telephone. So the phone consists of a main body, a case, and a detachable part, which is the display.

The interesting thing is that the display is obviously free of any frames, they create the case and the case that the display is inserted into it. The connection of both dl is ensured through two connectors on their reverse sides. However, the display looks like a finger or a finger, all standard sensors, including a selfie camera, are in debt.

Xiaomi got a patent

It is therefore not a question of whether the camera can be seen through the display or whether the display will need to be removed from the case before the self-portrait is taken. Anyway, it is necessary to change that it can work completely independently of the wall module, in which case there is a wireless connection between them.

How does such a concept make sense? The practicality should not be de facto e. To whom will the user have a main display? Or, conversely, mainly without a display?

If the display bag was not transparent to the front camera, the usual sensors would not work, which, as it was changed, are also located directly on the wall. In addition, the display removed from the barrel could easily go hunting, in which case you would not be in any way unintentional.

The weight of the case can be easily replaced by the display in case of damage. The user would not have to have it serviced, he would replace the display with a new one in an instant. However, the question is whether such a unit would be economical than the usual service replacement of cracked cover glass. From Xiaomi’s point of view, as a somewhat non-standard concept, full, uke and as.

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