It should be, then not again, but in the end we will see a cheap flexible samsung soon

Samsung is about to unveil a whole range of products at the end of August, with a big question hanging over the new flexible smartphone. The manufacturer confirmed to the manufacturer that the furnace could only be heated.

The traditional summer event Galaxy Unpacked, where Samsung presents mainly new products from the Note series, will take place only virtually this year. There has long been speculation on the Internet that a successor to the Fold model will appear alongside the Note model. In recent days, the bag began to appear information that his passage was delayed. I took Samsung’s theory bag and tipped it in essence (not in tweet), eu on August 5 we will see a new flexible model.

They immediately began to complain that only the launch of the news on the market will be delayed, however, we will see its form very soon. Unlike the Note bag model, we should not expect that a short sweat will appear on the market immediately, in the course of June. Due to the fact that the information so far was not very accurate, it is possible to practically everything.

There are still uncertainties about the form of the news, however, perhaps the most specific information comes from the well-known Twitter profile Ice Universe, which has a number of accurate niches behind it. This time it hurried with a somewhat blurred, but still interesting graphic render, which looks like an official graphics of the manufacturer. In addition, its design corresponds to its unique look of the Note series models.

You can notice the large internal display, which hangs around it in the corner, or the module for rear cameras, which is very reminiscent of the Note 20 series. In the picture we can see the USB-C connector, headphone jack for traditional mistakes.

Somewhat strange is the name, in which the Z, which has so far carried a new series started by a new age model. So either the manufacturer joins them together, or we should take the picture with a reservation. What Samsung results from, let me look different.

It is speculated that the novelty should become a bit cheaper compared to the first generation. While the Fold folder went on sale for the price of 1,980 US dollars (the equivalent on the Czech market is 53,990 crowns), the price of this year’s model could range between the original one and 1,800 dollars, ie about 42,000 crowns.