iPhones with a forbidden game are a luxury item, they want a hundred thousand for it

There is a huge potential for Internet shoppers on iPhones that have the forbidden game Fortnite installed. The games on which the game was installed before dark, before Apple deleted it from the app store, you are trying to sell at an expensive price.

Although the game was removed from the app store by both Apple and Google, it is the first iPhones that have become a luxury item with the Fortnite game installed. Unlike Android, it is not possible to install applications in them, otherwise not officially via the App Store. Also, if I managed to install Fortnite dv on your iPhone, not Apple deleted it, sit mon on the pension package. Well, at least on the Internet, you think so.

Fortnite is still playable, removing it from the store does not automatically deactivate it. Technically, such phones are now handy, because they have something that a group of users can use, but they don’t have to get to it (unless you prefer not to buy an android). And so, practically instantly, on Internet tricks like eBay, there were offers for special Fortnite iPhones with prices that are out of sight.

What about a year old iPhone 7 for 101 thousand crowns? Thanks to the presence of Fortnit, a seller from Great Britain set such a price for his used model. Well, let’s take a look at it a little more modern, and a little cheaper. You can find the iPhone 11 Pro Max for 95 thousand crowns from Germany.

Of course, not far from offering a price and so high and some sellers in short took the presence of the popular and now banned game as an advantage, also with the patina boast in the headlines of the advertisement. With modern iPhones (11, XS) you can find models with a fee of 1020 thousand crowns compared to the current prices, which is not as meaningless as the models for 100 thousand, but still quite a lot of money.

The question is whether the game Fortnite will remain on the iOS system permanently, or Apple and the creator of the game will come up with a compromise so that it can get back into the store. However, the whole situation is quite complicated and the companies are even updated with the court, it is also possible that the result of this dispute will not be known just like that (see box).

This was not the first time that the iPhone had become hot goods, and it didn’t have to be that they had anything extra. Until recently, Apple started selling new models in waves according to world countries, and somewhere the news officially appeared later. This meant, however, that whoever wants two, but not in the first wave, has to pay extra for the purchase (see the article Osmika for 220 thousand, X for 84 thousand. Sellers offer iPhone prices).