In Russia, he offers the iPhone 12, although Apple did not introduce it

There are at least two months left until the introduction of the iPhone 12, not even the bag of the Russian lifestyle brand Caviar prevents them from accepting pre-orders for Apple’s expected new novel. Those interested have the promise that they will get it for the same price as the toton made of this year’s iPhone model.

Low purchasing power is a big magpie for Apple. He has been promising a lot since this year’s novelties in the form of the thirteen generation iPhone, his portfolio will be the first models with the support of 5G st. Although our partners are working hard to reduce the production deficit caused by the closure of anti-coronavirus factories on several weeks, they are concerned about whether a high volume of iPhone 12 users will receive a high level of interest. The first time this premiere is very important for Apple (for more see New iPhone 12, there must be no failure. Apple therefore had a delay in the premiere).

The Russian character Caviar apparently has no such worries. True, its stores are far from reaching Apple. And so, despite the fact that there are uncertainties surrounding this year’s premiere, it has begun accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 12 Pro. Respectively for its luxurious design. Not only that, the recipient of the net, when the phone is docked, does not know its final appearance. According to speculation, the twelve can be connected to the once square hand of the iPhone, ie to the 4, 4s, 5 and 5s models. The exact specifications of the novelty are in the stars.

There are currently uncertainties about the prices of individual models of the iPhone 12. This does not have to suffer from anyone who orders a luxurious design from Caviar. The company promised to buy a selected version of the iPhone 12 Pro for the price of the old model, thanks to a pre-order. So if the expected model is more expensive than the old one, as some speculations suggest (there will be no cheap predecessor. We will probably pay for the basic iPhone 12), we will take Caviar out of the blue.

There are huge, de facto all designs in the selection, in which the current iPhone 11 Pro is available, Caviar will convert the supernatural. As a result, your bunny can be handed in a sack for at least $ 4,050, ie just over 92,000 crowns. On the Totem Goldfish model, its titanium wall is dominated by gold fish, now the Caviar provides a 20% discount. It is obvious that the price of a standard iPhone 12 for such a Russian dollar fee may not be enough for such a Russian character.

One of the designs, which is also available for the thirteenth generation of the iPhone, is a reminder of the 50th year of the first space mission, when the people first stood on the surface of the Church. The Apollo 11 edition was introduced by Caviar a year ago. Just like this year, it was a non-unveiled model of the iPhone, with a farmhouse 11. And just now, it was possible to pre-order it several weeks in advance of the official premiere of Apple (see more in Russia for the unveiled iPhone 11). 11).

That imaginary hare in a sack can be much more expensive. Caviar also offers the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro in Credo Christmas Star Diamond. That is, a telephone with a wall of eighteen-card gold, its dominant feature is a weave diamond depicting the Star of Bethlehem. There are eight small diamonds around it. In this design, as in the case of the iPhone 11, there will be only one example with a price of at least $ 126,230, ie 2.9 million crowns.

Among other designs, the iPhone 12 Pro can be pre-ordered in an unconventional futuristic look inspired by the design of a pickup truck from the American Tesla (see iPhone or the futuristic pickup truck from Tesla.

It is certain that even if Apple raises more news than losk models, there is no speculation, Caviar would not have to suffer. It’s a question of how long those who wait for their dream luxury iPhone 12 Pro will be waiting for its delivery. However, I think badly at Apple, our first premiere is only in his hands.