Huawei mv esku nhradu za Google. Similar attempts have so far failed

Huawei has announced that it is making a fee for the Czech market for Google services, which it cannot use in new models.

In the new Huawei smartphone models, specifically in the P40 series, ie the P40, P40 Pro and P40 Lite, customers will find the List service in the pre-installed browser as a search engine. So far, Bing has been a promising tool for Microsoft’s P40 series phones. It has long been trying to compete with Google and is a thorough search engine and a promise for browsing Microsoft Edge. It is likely that the search engine will be able to change settings.

Due to sanctions by the American government, Huawei must not use US companies in terms of software. Any exceptions must be allowed by the American series. As for Google’s services, Huawei phones do not run on Android from Google, but they may not include popular applications such as search, email, maps or YouTube from Google. Basically, you can’t log in to your phone under Google, but only under Huawei.

Portl Seznam is a competitor of Google on the Czech market, which is the dominant one, its search base is more than half. That’s why Seznam tried to penetrate her two smartphones. Last year, therefore, in cooperation with Samsung, he prepared two models that had pre-installed services from the List, including search.

The first attempts have no followers

The A40 and A20e models in the Seznam edition went on sale last year and don’t buy them today, although the classic versions of both models are still on sale. Samsung did not subsequently extend the cooperation, or rather gave the model in the Seznam edition and did not prepare it. From this it can be concluded that the phones were not very big, but the company does not comment on the results.

For fans of the Czech portal, it may not matter anyway, because they will find all the applications of the List in the applied Google store. This is now promised by Huawei in its AppGallery port.

eenm is the end of the embargo

For Huawei, cooperation with Seznam is one of the possibilities to revive sales. At present, the company will sell models on the sanctions list, which are basically all really new phones from June June, and at the same time it will sell old models (introduced before June June), which can still have Google services. In some cases, it illuminates these devices as new editions, there is nothing easy to put on them, they are still hundreds of years old phones. This situation also affects the characters Honor, which belongs to Huawei.

According to sales, Huawei has long been the second largest smartphone feature in the world and in the Czech Republic. However, the current situation has had a significant impact on sales and, with the exception of the domestic market, cannot be expected to materialize unless the embargo situation on the part of the US government is resolved. Despite the hardware side, the new Huawei and Honor models are great devices, and especially with their cameras, they are among the best and most of the competition.