Huawei could end up producing a smartphone due to the USA

According to experts contacted by Reuters, the global supply chain of Huhuei is in danger. The reason is the written American sanctions, which are supposed to disrupt it more. According to them, companies also see the approach to custom-made ipm. This could catch up with Huawei and discontinued the production of the smartphone.

The administration of US President Donald Trump announced on Monday that the tightening of May sanctions (for more, see Trump’s debt to Huawei. The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs objected to this measure.

The new measures of the US Department of Commerce are to prevent companies from trying to circumvent the restrictions, said US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Washington placed Huawei on the black list last year and accuses the company of krdee technology and suspects of pioneering the Czech government (for more, see Very bad first for Huawei. Without the US system allowed).

Blame us for what we did not say in Rozstel f Huaweie for esko and Slovakia Radoslaw Kedzia. The founder and CEO of Huaweie en eng-fej, after the company was blacklisted, let it be heard that he would rather start the company than participate in the pioneer.

If Huawei does not get to the IP due to written sanctions, it will probably stop producing mobile phones, warn investment analysts at Jefferies Bank. According to JP Morgan, rivals such as Nsk Xiaomi or the American Apple could welcome their market share. Oppo and Vivo phone manufacturers could also strengthen their position on the German market. In the global market, the South Korean Samsung Electronics could gain in the market of storage stations for the mobile generation.

It will have a huge impact, said analyst Ku Wen-n from ICWise. Zhat made it full of Huawei ipy spe to buy, not to rely on HiSilicon, he added. Huawei will be forced to stop the production of Kirin’s own ip for five months. Washington’s pressure on suppliers from HiSilicon, a division of Huawei, to manufacture these key components.

In Asia, according to industry sources, the US government has decided to target IP manufacturers such as Korean companies Samsung and SK Hynix, as well as Taiwanese MediaTek. The Japanese manufacturer of Sony image sensors will not be avoided either. Samsung, Hynix and Sony declined to comment.

Most ip suppliers from the region use software from the American companies Cadence Design Systems or Synopsys and tools for the production of ip, specifically on the basis of their etching, from the American company Applied Materials and others, recall experts.

The devastation of the American government was mainly influenced by American companies, such as Qualcomm and Intel, and gave names to manufacturers from Asia and Europe. It is not yet clear how many companies are allowed to trade with Huawei, whether they will have to apply for a new license and whether this will be quite satisfactory.