Huawei 5G penka will not bloom in Romania either. The conditions of government rule him

Romania is the European country that has de facto decided to keep Huawei from its 5G buildings. The government has proposed conditions that our society cannot meet. According to the Balkan Insight server, there is no mention of Huawei in them.

On Wednesday, August 5, the Romanian government presented a draft law that will be used in the selection of the company, it will build them in the country with 5G. It is stated that those companies will not be contacted, over which they are controlled by a foreign government, do not have a transparent ownership structure, have a history of unethical corporate conduct, and are not exposed to an independent judiciary in their home country.

According to the portal, the proposal disqualifies Huawei first, or does not meet at least two of these conditions. These are on the United States’ sanction list for unethical behavior, and it is also impossible to speak of the independence of the Czech judiciary.

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis and his allies have repeatedly stated in the past in the past that Huawei’s current company does not want to build 5G in the country. A year ago, Iohannis, a proponent of a strong alliance with the United States, signed a memorandum with his US counterpart Donald Trump, in which the two presidents agreed on the need to avoid the security risks that accompany investment in 5G telecommunications.

If the legislative proposal passes the Romanian Parliament, the State Security Council will have the final say in the selection of the 5G supplier. Its members are, in addition to the president and prime minister, some ministers and members of the army and secret services.

Don’t want him British, French, Italian and German

The administration of US President Donald Trump was expelled from the building of the 5G building. The stopwatch of Huawei was given by Great Britain or the Italian operator TIM, in his case it is a matter of decided economic, not political (for more, see Europe, to push Huawei as the USA. For the company, these are bad at first).

The hands of Huawei were given to the German telecommunications group Deutsche Telekom, which also included T-Mobile. It has recently agreed with Ericsson on a 5G building in Germany. In order to cooperate with the scientific company, it decided to set up a joint modernization of 2G, 3G and 4G in the last two years.

And for a while, it didn’t look like Huawei in France either. Although the French government did not directly exclude it from the construction, the recipient of a number of local mobile generation operators intended to discourage possible cooperation.

Those operators who use the technology of our company are granted a permit for a period from three to eight years. However, they cannot expect to be restored after they have been enabled. This de facto means the gradual exclusion of the Czech company from the French 5G cents by 2028 (for more, see Let’s not renew the Huawei Permit, warn French operators).